Sultan’s Serene Stairs

Her mind was getting clouded with a haze of despair
"Untouched by wine and women, the obedient son got blood soaked and pale faced in no time. Fate fell cruel for him."
"Untouched by wine and women, the obedient son got blood soaked and pale faced in no time. Fate fell cruel for him." Special arrangement

The dreadful December day dawned. Maryam’s heart started hammering hard. Her not-so-smooth tread on track had been halted – a halt enough to shatter her heart into bits, and tear her world apart. A doting mother to five had locked an empty gaze on her fourth born.

Her healthy and happening son – Musadiq, in the prime of his youth was advancing towards his grave. Laying lifeless on the cold hospital bed, both doctors and divine were seemingly giving up on him. A pall of gloom was blanketing Maryam slowly.

Her mind was getting clouded with a haze of despair. Her eyes fogged with unforgiving tears. Musadiq’s uncertain breaths generated dunes of pensive sadness.


Musadiq - a decorously dashing collegian experienced his first adrenaline rush when the results of graduation were out. Holding a distinction in Law brought immense credit to the clan. Coming from a humble but educated background, Musadiq was planning his Post Graduation from the occident. Man proposes, God disposes.

True for him, the decisive day had reserved a savage accident for him. An army Caspir hit him while he was heading home after partying. Untouched by wine and women, the obedient son got blood soaked and pale faced in no time. Fate fell cruel for him.

The icy claws of death grabbed his collar firmly. Rushed to SKIMS, he was declared more-than-half dead. Broken bones and impaired vitals reduced him to an experimenting specimen. Seeing her young graduate lying paralysed on the ICCU bed, Maryam could not bear but bury her despondency.

With a displaced mind, Maryam assembled the shards of her tattered heart. Firm with faith, she decided to advance towards the abode of the mighty mystic Sheikh Hamzah Makhdoom. Stationed amidst the deafening crowd of Shehr e Khaas, the venerated holy place is on the southern side of the Hari Parbat Hill. She crossed the majestic Bab e Sultan-ul-Arifeen.

The frosty road could not discourage her from advancing towards the resting place of the one who is said to have turned dusty Koh e Maraan hill into golden to confide some spiritual responsibilities to his disciple - Baba Daulat Dawood Khaki.

Maryam reached the first stair, took off her shoes, cupped her hands. With every next step, she gasped for a breath, wiped a tear , cleared her blurry eyes and glorified Sultan Hamzah Makhdoom. On the 13 auspicious landings, Maryam humbly invoked the spiritual son of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The 13 landings represent 13 maqams in Sufism.

Each landing embodies an ethical stage of a maqam. From the first representing Submission/ Inqiyat to the last representing Annihilation/ fanaa, the climb is no less than a divine experience for a believer. The mysterious and miraculous stairs are magical. They have unveiled secrets, unlocked puzzles, undid spells.

The stairs have generated abilities, brought realisations, demonstrated powers, showcased mercy and displayed forgiveness. Ask a blind man or a barren woman. The stairs are a panacea to the ills of heart. The dreamy stairs heal. Cure.


Maryam reached the 143rd stair. Throughout the acclivity, she had been in a trance. It was broken by the Durood Khwani inside. Torn out, she knocked at the door of Bibi Maryam and Baba Usman’s son. Folded her hands and pleaded for her son’s life.

The warmth of Maryam’s faith could not melt the snow beneath, but melted the master. Sultan responded. Negativity inside her was choked. Hopelessness evaporated.

Confidence multiplied. Prayer And Plead Answered. Nobody perhaps knows the power of faith than the one who has been lifted from the pitfall. They say ‘Faith Is Unseen But Felt.’ I add to this that ‘ The Answer To Faith Is Seen, Heard And Felt Too By The Believers’.

Maryam begged for Musadiq’s life here and Musadiq opened his eyes there. The question and the answer in the same line. Death And Life On The Same Stair.

The Silent Rhapsody of Shah e Sultan’s Serene Stairs !!!

Tum Mei Hooroo Kaa Koi Chaahne Waala Hee Nahee

Jalwa E Toor To Maujood Hai, Moosa Hee Nahee.

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