The dream campus

My visit to the institution made my day
The dream campus
"After observing and experiencing the campus, I was thrilled that the Institution has grown up and has earned recognition and reputation."Flickr [Creative Commons]


Warly in the morning, I packed my bag with joy to visit my dream University Campus. When I reached, the gate was open. I tried to step in but was stopped by the gatekeeper with the request to make my entry on a Visitors’ Register.

Although it was too early, I was surprised to see that many visitors had already made it to the campus. After inquiring, I was told that people visit the campus to use the library that remain open for all 24/7. It doubly elated my soul.

I looked inside and found that the campus has an academic ambience with well-maintained lawns and beautiful architecture. Students had already reached the campus and were involved in group discussions. The tuck-shop was open.

I requested for a cup of tea which was offered immediately. While taking tea, I observed one group of students discussing NCTE’s document on National Professional Standard for Teachers (NPST), which was in public for feedback.

They were having SWOC analysis of the document and decided to take help from their teacher also. I was eager to see the library, and the signboard available on the campus guided me.

When I entered, I was greeted with a smiling face. Entry was made in my name, and I was fully assisted. The library resources were found very rich (both printed and electronic). Here I got an opportunity to go through the vision and mission of the University.

I was impressed with the quality parameters adopted by the University like clear vision and mission, modern infrastructure, research-based curriculum, well-qualified teachers who use modern pedagogical tools and techniques in their transactions, acknowledged research output and interested learners.

There was also a Theory & Research Section in the library. While going through, I found that the quality research activities of the University have had definite educational, socio-economic and technological impacts.

The University has determined the latest knowledge and technologies necessary for driving humanity through research output. It has given society opportunities to face the challenges and grab the possibilities of hope.

Because of the quality research output, the University has been able to offer consultancy to various organizations, industrial units and institutions, which has developed proficient vividness to the Institution.

The curriculum of various programs was also available in the library through which I got to know that the curriculum of this University has been prepared keeping in view the LOCF which has well-defined objectives and graduate attributes in the form of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The demanding course content was found embedded with learning experiences, pedagogical skills, methodologies and teaching & learning resources. The curriculum was found very flexible and connected to research-based education.

I also got the opportunity to visit the very attractive, well-furnished and maintained classrooms. I was mesmerised to see that faculty have turned these classrooms into a personalised learning environment, giving students ownership over their learning.

These classrooms look like labs, learning/research centres and dialogical table places where argument and counter-arguments occur. While interacting with the faculty, I realized that the faculty had played a significant role in developing the image of this Institution.

They were techno-friendly, smart learners, mentors, researchers, and role models for their students. They carried very high intellect, aptitude and wisdom. While interacting with the Vice-Chancellor, I was apprised that the faculty was appointed keeping in view their qualification, communication & pedagogical skills, academic vibrancy, critical thinking, and value-orientation.

Only those were appointed who could foster excellence in research. The Vice-Chancellor of the University was a visionary leader and administrator who was decisive, bold and open to novel ideas. He was courageous and has given academic autonomy to teachers and researchers, which has stimulated the campus’s conducive academic environment.

The supporting personnel of the University were also very competent, dedicated and helpful. They were performing their duties to their utmost potential. They were always ready to offer their services in the form of suggestions and solutions to problems of any nature. The fruitful visit to the institution made my day.

After interaction with students, faculty, and the institutional head, I realized that the institution is committed to disseminating and creating knowledge, delivering quality education, working for national interests, and furthering international understanding.

I also got to know that the ambience and rich culture of the University also has offered opportunities to learn unlearn and relearn. The principal endeavour of the University was found to prepare its stakeholders to confront the challenges of the present century. Besides, it serves the society by supplying a considerable harvest of educated, well trained, self-determined and self-directed human resources.

After observing and experiencing the campus, I was thrilled that the Institution has grown up and has earned recognition and reputation. The Institution has come up with the expectations of society.

After spending a day, I said goodbye to everyone and stepped out from the campus. Meanwhile, my mother knocked on the door and said, ‘wakeup, it is Fajr Time..!’.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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