Will ATD be a reality?

As SED washes hands of new transfer mechanism, implementation on ground puts it to test
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The School Education Department (SED) has washed its hands of the Annual Transfer Drive (ATD)-2022 saying that data was processed online on the basis of the inputs received from the respective directorates and the Chief Education Officers (CEOs).

The administrative department issued a public notice to clarify that no additional input was being utilized by SED to order transfer of teachers, masters and lecturers.

The move comes after an impression was created that all decisions regarding the transfers and postings of teachers, masters and Lecturers were taken solely by the administrative department, according to the notice.

Notably, scores of teachers, masters and lecturers were displaced or got transferred despite having premature stay, after the department processed the data to order transfers and postings of the teaching staff in the schools.

In the wake of this, fingers were raised on the administrative department for issuing "flawed transfer orders" under ATD-2022.

As already reported by this newspaper, the SED after issuing transfer orders of teachers said that the teachers retiring by March 2023 from services should be retained at their present place of postings.

The decision was taken after some teachers retiring within one year were displaced in ATD- 2022. The discrepancies were reported in the ATD-2022 of teachers because the offices at district and zonal level did not submit the updated data of teachers to the administrative department for ordering online reshuffle of teachers.

In an official communication issued by under secretary SED, the administrative department conveyed the decision to the director school education Kashmir and Jammu division to retain the teachers retiring by March 2023.

The administrative department also conveyed that it will not consider the transfer request of FAT teachers or those recruited under PM Package or SRO 202 and have got displaced or transferred in ATD 2022.

A top official of SED said the ATD was ordered on the basis of data submitted by the Chief Education Officers (CEOs) of all districts across J&K.

"The data was sought twice from CEOs to avoid any discrepancies but some officials do not want the system to run smoothly. They want to carry forward the previous system of transfers where teachers had to pay money to get their choice postings," the official said.

The official said some vested interests want to sabotage the online process of transfers executed through ATD but they will not be allowed to derail the system.

"These officials want to project that there are errors and discrepancies in ATD but the fact is that some errors were reported because of the flawed data submitted to the administrative department," he said. He said the department has a clear transfer policy but some vested interests want to derail the system.

Notably, the SED has taken a serious note of the district and zonal officers who have not updated the data of the teachers including the date of retirement, tenure of teachers at present place of postings besides other requisite information.

Meanwhile the department in its fresh public notice said that an impression has been created that all decisions regarding transfer and posting of Masters, Teachers Lecturers are being taken by SED.

"Fact is that processing of all online applications through an automated process through NIC is being done on the basis of inputs from CPI S, Director School Education Jammu/Kashmir and CEOs," the SED notice reads, adding that no additional input was being utilized by SED.

The department said that on the basis of these inputs and processing, these outputs are being sent to Director School Education Jammu and Kashmir besides all CEOs for verification and issuance of transfer orders at their end.

"The basis of three stages ATD 2022 is being followed by Director School Education Jammu and Kashmir division and CEOs in case of Masters and Teachers respectively," the notice reads.

The department has asked the masters and teachers to approach Director School Education Jammu and Kashmir division for their issues regarding posting and transfers.

"Hope, ATD 2022 will result in maximum satisfaction and will restore dignity and prestige of our teaching community," the notice reads.

As already reported, the Principal Secretary SED Bishwajit Kumar Singh earlier told Greater Kashmir that the administrative department will not allow anyone to derail the system.

"Some people don't want the system to run smoothly. But we are strictly following ATD and won't allow anyone to derail the process," he said.

The SED may have washed its hands of ATD, however its final implementation still puts the administrative department to test since it is the final authority to click the yes button. That way it cannot escape its responsibility regardless of where the data is coming from.

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