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Finding the right words to celebrate her life can bring comfort and peace
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On this day writing about my mother makes me feel absolutely blank as more than a decade back she met her Creator, leaving us in pain. Losing a mother is an irreparable loss.

A mother’s death leaves a hole in her children’s lives, but the sentiments packed in just a few words can revive fond memories of a loving mother .

This day brings a mix of sadness and love. Finding the right words to celebrate her life can bring comfort and peace.

The reflection of my mother is evident partly in all of us her children. Belonging to a family of nobles, she had qualities of head and heart in abundance being a very gentle and polite but a very firm mother.

She was a person of few words, precise but very firm. I have not seen her talking about anybody behind their back.

My mother belongs to Drabus who shifted from Narvara to Kakasaria Karan nagar where I cherish very fond memories of my childhood days.

My grandfather, Kh. M. Khalil Drabu was a very gentle soul and all I remember of him that I used to sit near him only to get dry fruits from him, which he used to keep by his side in abundance, probably for his grand children only.

Kh M. Amin Darabu, my grandfather’s elder brother was a very famous Arabic and Persian scholar. I remember active literary discussions always prevalent whenever my father used to visit them.

I remember Amin Sb Darabu as a very handsome and a tall man with a very sophisticated structure.

Having brought up in such a literary environment, my mother used to talk intellectually and was often reciting many couplets in Persian. One of them I remember vividly, from Kareema Naame haq….

Karima bi bakhshashi bar haali ma

ki hastaim giriftar kamandey hawa.

Na darem ghair az tu faryad rast.

tu ae aseya ra khata bakhsh buus.

My mother was an inspiring soul, always there for all who came to her with their troubles.

She was very reserved type of a human being. Such was her grip on her all children that we never ever dared to use her any attire as girls generally do.

A lady of high taste in attire as well as in food, I have never seen her food drenched in soup. Her clear cut vision on girls’ education gave all of us courage to go ahead in all fields of education. She often used this Persian verse about importance of education.

Chu shama az paiey ilm bayad gudakht

Ki bey ilm na twan khuda ra shinakht

But as mother of daughters only, she had gone through infinite struggles in raising us. She had the greater responsibility and obviously has a greater reward in bringing up her children.

Her complex and significant role is worth remembrance and emulation. My mother stood for all of us whenever we needed her. She was a kind and gentle soul, but strong as steel and so very bold.

She guided us in darker times. If we place all the words, written or spoken, about the position of a mother on one scale and the above sentence on the other scale, the utterance of the Holy Prophet (SAW) will definitely tip the balance in her favor.

In glorifying the position of a mother, Islam has not confined itself to advice, injunctions and a series of verbal counsels, but as a legislator, it has also regarded the command and prohibition by a mother as something obligatory to follow in some cases.

The respect and dignity of a mother can be assessed when a man came to the Holy Prophet (SAW) saying: “O, prophet of God! I am young and vigorous, and ready for action and service, and wish to go to the battle-front for the advancement of Islam, but my mother does not let me leave her and go to war.

The Holy Prophet(SAW) said, Go and stay with your mother. I swear to God Who chose me as prophet that the spiritual reward which you receive for serving her even one night and making her happy with your presence, is greater than a one-year long holy war.

In Islam a mother’s anger and dissatisfaction with an offspring are regarded as the means of his misfortune and destruction.

We are thankful to Allah to have chosen for us such a loving and caring mother. Allah listen to our supplications and dua and grant her highest place in jannah.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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