You can choose not to Age Rapidly

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It is said that the Life Span of each person is appointed and is pre-programmed in the Genetic Script (DNA) at birth as Genetic Destiny. A person can however have the hereditary potential to live to old age, but an accident, illness, or some other environmental factor can prevent the realization of this potential.

You may shorten your life if you smoke, fail to control high blood pressure, and eat in such a way as to increase the amount of cholesterol in your blood.

You may enhance your chances of a longer life if you keep your weight down, get enough exercise, and establish other good health habits. Very likely you can exert a measure of control over the actual length of your life. As one expert wrote, to some extent, you “can choose not to age rapidly.”

Moulana Rumi says that man is created out of the soil, eats out of the soil as grains, vegetables, and even meat grow out of the soil and ultimately his perishable body returns to the soil. In fact, man is composed of two entities the perishable body and an imperishable soul. He was provided with a life span to make his everlasting life blissful. But he gets busy most of the time in worldly affairs like eating, dressing, building a house, marriage, bringing up children etc.

His early years pass in innocent childhood followed by vigorous youth and then feeble old age. If he spends these few years of his youth in the right direction, his everlasting life would become blissful but that is not the case and when his last moment arrives, he takes account of his life but there is no time left for betterment. So is the case with the majority of people and only very few pass the test. There has to be spiritual development along with physical progress.

During the stage of old age, a number of physical, physiological and emotional changes take place. Many older adults face serious physical challenges, and scores experience several mental issues.

However, good nutrition is often the key to maintaining health in all stages of life. In addition, the fitness and nutritional choices made earlier in life set the stage for continued health and happiness. 

Older adults should continue to consume nutrient-dense foods and remain physically active. For older adults who are overweight or obese, dietary changes to promote weight loss should be combined with an exercise program to protect muscle mass.

Remedies can include increasing the frequency of meals and adding healthy, high-calorie foods (such as nuts, potatoes, whole-grain pasta, and avocados) to the diet. Liquid supplements between meals may help to improve caloric intake.

Antioxidants should be added to your diet plan. Good nutrition and regular physical activity can help you live longer and healthier. Nutritious foods form the foundation of a healthy life at every age.

Eating more dark, green, leafy vegetables, substituting high-fat proteins with lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, and nuts, and engaging in moderate physical activity for thirty minutes per day, several days per week needs to be encouraged. It has been found that in Russia among people living in mountainous areas there are found more centenarians.

On examining their way of the life, it was found that they have to walk uphill daily thereby improving their breathing, besides they consume a kilo of yoghurt at breakfast time and also use pollen tablets which are extracts of honey.

Er. Mohammad Ashraf Fazili Former Chief Engineer & Chairman IEI J&KSC

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