Our blood, our worry

No one loses sleep as we lose lives every damn day, we are left to ourselves.
Our blood, our worry
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Geelani's expression of pain and sorrow on the loss of human life at Uri is positively meaningful. Theories of resistance and occupation apart, human suffering is to be seen purely from a human angle. Well, that may raise some fundamental questions over the very use of violence as means of resistance, but that reflects the basic human concern which can't always be twisted or tailored to fit our political ideologies. Human loss is a tragedy, in whichever form we see it. Whatever the meanings people derive out of this plain human feeling, the statement is beyond any politics or ideology. As leader you need to have courage to say something which even your own followers will not like to listen. Let them not, but say it loud and say it clear.

Turn the leaf and read your own story. We stand in the middle of a storm right now and our very existence as a people is facing extinction. We know we are fighting for our rights and we know we are resisting oppression. But we also know the cost we are paying is far greater than the goal we have fixed for ourselves (if we have). The first duty of our leadership is to save us from extinction. How they do it, they know it. Leaders are not led by people, they lead people. If a leader's decision displeases or even infuriates a section of his own followers, let it. The same way if he genuinely feels that the mode of resistance we have adopted is going to drain us dry, he can't be and shouldn't be silent on that. That may not go well with (what we so endearingly call) the public sentiment, but that is what leadership is expected to do for us. Devising newer, less life-threatening and more life-saving means of resistance can take time, but may spare us the disaster which seems imminent now. Our children are dying in the streets and we are losing our tomorrow. We have no hope in sight. Our politicians have let us down. Our elected representatives are acting like petty stooges and collaborators. Our chief ministers are showing their performance by representing Delhi in Kashmir and not Kashmir in Delhi. They insult their people to please their (masters called) partners. Our oppressors won't rest till they lay us all to rest. So where do we go and who will bat for us. We can't expect angels descending from heavens. We foresee no invisible armies of God to march on our behalf. When no one cares for us, no one do we pin our hopes on, no one loses sleep as we lose lives every damn day, we are left to ourselves. It's our movement, our life, our blood and we have to stand up and save it from a wipeout. Ourselves.

So let's think and let's live to think.

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