Overcoming vaccine hesitancy

One can only urge that for the sake of all, beginning your own life, go for vaccination as soon as possible
Overcoming vaccine hesitancy
A farmer gets his first dose of COVID-19 vaccine as he ploughs his field, on Saturday 5 June 2021.Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

From April this year, we witnessed a steep rise in the cases of covid 19 infections. The scenes at the hospital gates where people died for a breath of oxygen will linger for a long time. Also the flames going up in the cremation grounds. The distress caused by those scenes, and the fear instilled by the rising number of deaths, is not something we can easily forget. What resulted in the devastation that was witnessed during the peak of second wave became the focus of news, or opinion, and of political narratives. But what finally helped us out was the adherence to a slew of safety protocols, and among them vaccination was at the top. As more people got vaccinated the defence against covid became stronger. Although millions of people have now been vaccinated, and most of them have got the required two shots, there is still a long way to go. Right now we have vaccines available at different health centres, and the government is repeatedly asking the people to get inoculated. As the threat of a third wave is still there, people should go for vaccination making it the first thing to do. But unfortunately many of us still behave in naive, if not ignorant, ways. There are no reasons why a person should not get jabbed. People who took this vaccine have not faced any problems. One odd cases can be explained as rarities, and this is true for any treatment in the medical sciences. Doctors, and virology experts have, time and again dispelled these misgivings about vaccination. Political leadership around the globe is consistently emphasising on vaccination. But sadly there are still some people who buy fake news, and turn away from vaccination without any scientific reason. This way they are not only jeopardising their own lives, the lives of their families, but also the lives of others. One can only urge that for the sake of all, beginning your own life, go for vaccination as soon as possible.

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