Passing the buck

In an interview with an Indian news channel Mehbooba Mufti alleged that different forces have joined hands to `vitiate'' atmosphere in Kashmir and they are ‘instigating’ youth to ‘ create trouble’ whereas their ‘own children are studying abroad’.
Passing the buck
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In an interview with an Indian news channel Mehbooba Mufti alleged that different forces have joined hands to `vitiate' atmosphere in Kashmir and they are  'instigating' youth to ' create trouble' whereas their 'own children are studying abroad'. She accused street protestors as 'agents of destruction' playing in the hands of ' instigators of violence' and asked people ' to think of the next generation'. She expressed satisfaction on the manner 'security forces have been able to contain the situation' and quoting her father said that' 'guns and grenades never solved anything, only dialogue can help'.

The interview is a mix of frustration and anger. Besides, it is a deliberate attempt to skip from hard realities. It is wilful attempt to shift the blame on the resistance camp. But wait. Chief minister Mehbooba Ji, on July 24, lashed out at Pakistan for 'instigating' Kashmir youth to take the violent path. In other words,  post-Burhan uprising in Kashmir is 'Pakistan-sponsored'. And that is how rulers in Delhi and their underlings in Srinagar, to cover their failures, as usual, dump all the filth on Pakistan head, hoping that kind of detouring will sail them through the crisis. But in reality, crisis for India pile up.  

It is a cliché, a rusted rhetoric pro-Indian groups have taken refuge of time and again. In  adopting vocabulary of their masters, they can earn, yes, a lease to remain in power but powder keg called Kashmir cannot be smoothed in time freeze. It just waits for a spark to flare up. And as and when that happens, in one massive shaking the  state-projected narrative about Kashmir fizzles out. That ' ignition moment'  exposes the stink of false construct that Indian political class, the ruling government, civil society (save a minuscule conscientious voices) have so ardently cherished and advocated.

 The oft-repeated claim that 'participation of Kashmiris in  democratic process is vote for India' loses the wings to take off.  And projects like Sadhbavnas, Bharat Darshan, Umaid, Udan, initiated to inculcate Indianess among the ' alienated'  youth once again show the scars of mistrust. 

Instead of looking at the causative factors of the mass upheaval and address the issue from humanitarian and historical perspective, the fire-fighting approach is the tested norm. Douse the flames of anger at any cost. At any cost, even if that literally means resorting to state repression. Converting Kashmir into a dark hole, sanitized of human dignity. Imagine a digital world slammed into stone age. Kashmir was not only blinded by pellets, through siege and communication blockade as well. We have since long been muscled into a laboratory specimen to discover from and implement newer tools of ' mob control'. 

 But this tendency of forcing people into submission brings in focus the larger question. Can Indian state genuinely reclaim, what it takes pride of and strives to sell, the ' idea' that centers to its existence—'a secular democratic republic'. Even  a banana democracy would feel ashamed of the ' retaliatory' measures the law enforcing apparatus resorted to quell the spontaneous demonstrations after the death of young Hizb commander. Where in world or in any part of India, pellet guns are used against the protestors? You don't use such brute force or unleash forces personnel the same belligerent way in Haryana and Gujrat as you do in Kashmir. Even State High Court, two weeks before, asked government to stop use of pellet guns, but more people continue to lose eyesight due to pellet injuries.

  For the past seven decades Delhi has been using local Bharat-nawaz parties for providing them legitimacy and searching emotional bond to its control in Kashmir. But from the time of every succeeding regime, the basic sentiment , far from receding , grew more in intensity.  The vote could not corrupt the minds of people to forget, let alone purge, the sentiment. In ignoring the election boycott call from Huryat, India peremptorily misreads peoples' minds and hearts. The vote for bijli, sadak and pani,–as post-election periodical hiccups in normalcy bears testimony– is never a vote against Pakistan or Hurriyat. Nor in favour of India. Still India, in collaborations of its lackeys, sells it to prove its claim. The point is had the ballot earned the sanctity of trust, the same voters could and would not voted for such oppression. They too would have swooned along with their constituency representatives. Only 10 to 20 percent election boycott holders (Hurriyat-nawaz)  would have taken to streets to mourn the death of Burhan and other militants. How would you read groundswell of people protesting the death of a boy in twenties India has declared a 'terrorist'? How would you measure the unprecedented 43 funerals and 3 lakh people offering funeral prayers for the militant India has put a booty of 10 lakh on his head? 

 An 'elected representative' as she loves to be addressed as, should have not burrowed herself in the cat hole when the tormented people, especially south Kashmir, were, in the words of Prof. Bhim Singh, ' being brutalized and shot like pigeons'( GK, 30 July, 2016). Since the death of Burhan, PDP, NC and other Hind-nawaz groups have lost the address of their constituencies. That shows the real worth of their mandate. 

If Islamabad or Hurriyat can 'instigate' youth to 'violence', why cannot Omars and Mehboobas and Delhi do the same? You have thousands of channels, agencies and more cash to trap the youth to your viewpoint, to your dream project. For God's sake show modicum of sense and wake up from the slumber. Tell me, is there anything more precious than life? Who can get 'instigated' to lose his eye or life for something his or her soul rebels at.  The urge for what skies in Kashmir reverberate with needs no inducements or instigations to stay relevant. Like truth it is self-authenticating, disowning all 'foreign' advocates.   

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