Passion is limitless

Irrespective of the chronology, timing or reason: you resign as a mark of protest or you quit and then relate to it something which touches peoples ‘sensitivity.
Passion is limitless

Irrespective of the chronology, timing or reason: you resign as a mark of protest or you quit and then relate to it something which touches peoples 'sensitivity. Whatever! It makes an impact and yes, it has and it is talk of the town. Be it print or the electronic media, government offices or coffee shops it is discussed everywhere. Be it the present rulers or the former, people who are at the helm in the state or in centre everybody was forced to make a statement. Nonetheless it is natural, everybody will speak and everybody has the right to do so. But the contemplations should be genuine and we should behave reasonably well in expressing our views. While taking about this issue of resignation I had a rendezvous with the people of different ideologies and encountered with some astonishing views! I heard people trying to correlate his resignation with a plot planned by the agencies. Some put it in a more sophisticated manner (and their ingenuity is appreciable), " he is unknowingly being driven by some external forces viz. agencies" and some go an extra mile by saying that, him topping the civil services was actually a handy work of the agencies. I don't know how to react to this! But I guess by making such comments we intend to nullify the greatness of the people. In the same sense as we try to nullify the accomplishments/contributions of some great person/scientist by just a single statement (if he/she doesn't happen to be a Muslim) , "he/she is destined to burn in hell fire".

Undeniably we are passing through difficult circumstances wherein we have been betrayed and befooled from time to time. There is no dearth of thugs, sycophants and traitors within us. No doubt, we have been betrayed time and again by our own people which has resulted in our scepticism and cynicism. But it should not mutate us to pessimism which indeed is a sin and more importantly it doesn't give us a license to tag anybody as a wrongdoer.

Looking at the genesis of the civil services, we know what percentage of the population (out of over one hundred and thirty crore) aspire for it, what amount dare to write the test and how many make it to the IAS. It needs a simple calculations not rocket science to understand the amount of time and energy one needs to put in to crack civil services, and it certainly needs a lofty gradation courage, self belief and character to make and execute the decision of quitting it. There are quite a few example in the past who have called it  quits it but not many. I am certainly clueless, what motivated him to quit the job of such stature. I guess it is the passion and the level of satisfaction which is beautifully explained by the great poet of urdu Ghalib in a single verse:

shauq har rang raqeeb-e sar-o-samaan nikla

qais taswir ke parde mein bhi uryaan nikla

Everybody is not able to fathom such passion and needs a certain ammout of comprehension to grasp. But still one has to be different of high distinction and a person of such calibre is not expected to navigate his life according to the whims of others (agencies etc).

Mr Faesal! Atleast I am impressed and I wish you luck for your future (political) endeavors. But as the history is evident, in spite of the humble beginning a leader becomes great if he is inspired by respect, affection, faith, honesty, integrity, clarity of thought and intension, who means whatever he says. A leader is not driven by the people (young or old) but it is the other way round. Here quoting an example of one, of all time greats becomes inevitable: once Qaid-e-Azam was giving a speech (he used to speak in English) to large gathering in Lahore, people were keenly listening to him for hours. A person surprised by the fact that how all of the urdu speaking people understood English, to his curiosity he asked to a man if he understood what Mr. Jinnah was saying? The answer of that man was worth! No I don't, "laikin yeh jo bhi keh raha hai sach keh raha hai". This is how a leader should do. Your first step is much bigger than that of the people to whom you admire. But the question is how to carry on with this impetus? How to be consistent? How to sustain the pressure? And what used to be the SRK punch line! Make it LARGE?

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