Political parties, Hurriyat, JeI groomed militant ideology in Kashmir: Ram Madhav

Political parties, Hurriyat, JeI groomed militant ideology in Kashmir: Ram Madhav

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national general secretary Ram Madhav on Thursday said that political parties, Hurriyat and some Jamaat-e-Islami leaders' "groomed militants and their ideology in Kashmir" for their own interests. He alleged that corruption touched new heights in Jammu and Kashmir in the past three decades and Prime Minister Modi led government has now decided to act tough against the elements, who swindled public money in the state.

Addressing BJP worker's rally at Balhama on Srinagaroutskirts, Madhav trained his guns at Hurriyat and some Jamaat-e-Islami leadersstating, "There is no doubt that militants are infiltrating from across whilethere are some local militants as well. There are some political parties,Hurriyat and Jamaat-e-Islami leaders who supported militancy and militantideology for their own vested interests in Kashmir."

He said security forces are dealing with the militants inKashmir and this time in a "more successful way than ever." "But that's notenough. PM Modi led government has started acting against the militantsympathizers as well. Some political parties supported militants and theirideology indirectly and at times directly as well. Hurriyat leaders and someJamaat-e-Islami leaders also supported militants while their own children arestudying in foreign countries," Madhav said.

"There have been two reasons that make a militant in Kashmirthe deceitful politics of some political parties and support through money andother means by Hurriyat, Jamaat leaders and some individuals. Now somepoliticians are talking about Gola barood

(explosives). Unless these elements are dealt with, peacewon't prevail in the state," Madhav added.

 "Separatists willhave to be lodged at Tihar jail and corrupt politicians in Srinagar jail," hesaid without naming any political leader.

The BJP national general secretary said that corruptpoliticians will be taken to task. "A major scam in J&K Bank is beingunearthed and big names are coming to fore. Irrespective of their politicalaffiliations or even if they have served as ministers, we will urge thegovernment to take stern action against them for gobbling public money," hesaid. "Thousands of crores are being sent by New Delhi to Kashmir every year,but that money has never reached a common man during the past thirty years," headded.

"There is unemployment in every state of India but not tothe extent that a qualified youth doesn't get a job. In Kashmir, even a youthwith Phd degree is unemployed just because of shameless politicians," he said.

Article 370

Referring to Article 370, Madhav said, "If Article 370 was amust for sate's development, why have the regional parties failed to bring evenone single big industry to J&K since 1950. We will have a debate on theArticle 370 with the people, who support it. I want to ask them (politicians)what stopped them from inviting even a single big business house to Kashmirduring the past seven decades." 

Return of Kashmiri Pandits 

"Kashmir is a place where every community used to live in apeace and atmosphere full of love prior to 1990. But due to an unfortunatedevelopment, Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave their homes and they gotsettled in various parts of the country. At present they are away from theirhomes and living a life of refugees," Madhav said.

He said that BJP wants their dignified return to their homeswith a safety and security measures in place for them.

Keep regional parties at bay

Madhav said that the upcoming assembly polls are anopportunity for the people to keep the regional parties, which have "lootedstate resources through their family rule," out of power forever.

"Forthcoming elections will give J&K people a greatopportunity to throw out the regional parties that have ruined the statethrough their dynasty rule. One party was losing and another coming to powerand this process continued for the past three decades."

He said that "it's time for the people of J&K to bring BJPto power."

Referring to the BJP youth leader and national vicepresident Bharatiya Janata Party Yuwa Morcha (BJPYM) Er Aijaz Hussain, Madhavsaid that "youth like Aijaz deserve to represent people in the Assembly. He hasa bright future and people of Sonwar should support him by all means."

Expressing shock over the memorandum handed over to him byAijaz that mentioned Balhama area has neither a play ground nor a degreecollege, Madhav said he will take up the issue with the concerned authoritiesand ensure that the area gets a degree college and a play ground .

Later Madhav visited ancient Bala temple in Balhama area andpaid obeisance there.

He was accompanied by BJP leader Khalid Jehangir, SurinderAmbardar, Er Aijaz and others. 

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