‘Prince of Parsa’s’

Kashmir’s food giant launches 25 eatery outlets, creates nearly 300 jobs
‘Prince of Parsa’s’
Parsa Restaurant

People call him poser for creating his daily dose of business by posting series of pictures social media networking sites, Javid Parsa, 32, entrepreneur and an avid social media blogger from north Kashmir's district Bandipora, has created his niche in the food and beverage sector—earning him a name of 'prince of Parsa's' for launching over 25 eatery outlets across India.

"Bridging gaps and building communities over food, that is what it took to start Parsa's," smiling Javid says. "It is better to provide jobs rather than looking at it," he says.

Parsa has played host to his place for more than five years- from humble beginnings to now his very own brand, Parsa's.

Parsa and his team after being a part of a long journey are happy to continue sharing their home while spreading love through their singular idea of making people feel at home. The premises is operated from the second-floor of the Sarah City Center and present in all the districts of Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Banglore and Noida which is complete with all the quirks one should expect with the menu which is a range of explicit variety of food. Parsas is unique in its complete commitment to sustainability and values.

"Parsa's was a dream and I am getting really emotional while sharing a story of its success and expansion," he says.

Targeting college-going students, former Amazon employee Parsa has made his eponymous brand a success in the land of Wazwan.

The Jammu and Kashmir-based food startup founded in October 2014, serves a fusion of Kolkata and Hyderabad cuisine. Parsa's menu features dishes including kathi rolls, mutton korma, kebabs, and biryani, ranging between Rs 50 and Rs 190. With outlets across Srinagar, Lakadh, Anantnag, Sopore, and Awantipora, Budgam, besides others, Parsa's serves more than 600 customers each day. Interestingly, Parsa's is also famous for hiring Jammu and Kashmir's first waitress.

"At Parsa's we have dedicated our lives in working relentlessly for our customers' comfort and joy," he says.

"We encourage a culture of passion, curiosity, harmony and honesty. We seek likeminded, innovative and talented individuals who can help us continue to offer our high quality food across Jammu and Kashmir," he says.

'Internet Stardom'

Parsa, a 32-year-old restauranteur and social media buff, is considered an epitome of a startup founder.

A former Amazon employee and MBA graduate, with over 30,000 followers on social media, he quit a corporate job in Hyderabad in 2014 to return to Kashmir and set up a chain of street food restaurants – Parsa's.

"I wanted to connect with different people and to me, opening a restaurant was the best way I could do it. I am happy that I have been able to achieve something in this regard."

As a child, he would go to a kandur waan, or traditional Kashmiri baker, with his grandfather and watch as people chatted about politics, religion and society.  "It used to be like a community discussion and I wanted to replicate this sort of a model." But since August 5, the Jammu and Kashmir's autonomy was revoked, his daily life has taken a turn amid a widespread crackdown. For more than a month now, his restaurants have remained closed – like most other businesses in the region.

After revoking Article 370, public transport was halted in Kashmir, communication lines including the phone and internet were closed, and thousands of extra troops were deployed on the streets. "We have no choice but to help each other. We are a land of orphans right now," he says. Parsa in India, used his internet stardom to help people connect.

Parsa's offers exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills and reward your contribution in an atmosphere that encourages both professional as well as personal growth.

"We look forward to expanding our community which encourages homonism and respects diversity at the same time," he says.

'Emotional Bond'

"Inside of every problem lies an opportunity and I'm happy to just onboard with Parsa's to watch people having their favourite things to do for sure," he says. "For me Parsa's is not a financial investment however it's an emotional investment where people contribute." says, Mir Zahoor, Parsa's, Palhalan Pattan

Syed Sami, Parsa's Pampore says that "Parsa's for me is a place where you can share your emotions, share your food and all of the above share a bond of friendship and love. I am happy to be a part of this wonderful family."

While as Mansoor Ahmad, Parsa's, Tangmarg, "Parsa's is a booming brand in the valley, expanding outside the valley as well. The rate with which it has grown in just a few years is phenomenal."

Faisal Qadri, running his Parsa's, Pulwama, says "Parsa's: Why not be a part of history? I mean it's the only food chain of Kashmir that represents us even outside Kashmir."

'Kashmir's Food Giant'

Parsa Food and Beverages, previously franchise owner of Kathi Junction in Srinagar, launched its own food Parsa's.

"The idea was to sell quality food at pocket friendly price while providing a social space for youngsters," Parsa, managing director of Parsa Foods says.

"I always wanted to create a space where people would share love and laughter over quality and affordable food. I am looking forward to taking brand Parsa's to every corner of Jammu and Kashmir."

Suhail Akhoon, owner of Parsa's, Chadoora, Budgam says "watching our own local brand offering quality food for pocket friendly prices and creating a place where one would indulge in reading literature masterpieces while their food is being prepared, I wanted to see it grow more and more and be a part of it, that is when I decided to take Parsa's to Chadoora."

"Not just a place, a hub of sharing joys and sorrows proved to be an everyday place especially during the Covid-19 for all the Kashmiris staying in Bangalore," says Malik Aadil, Parsa's Bangalore. "Introduction of authentic Kashmiri Wazwan with all the spices from the valley adds much more charm to this place. I and Javid are happy to offer this small peace of home to yearning hearts in Bangalore."

"Parsa's for me was a decision from my heart. And I am glad to be a part of this wonderful family," Jameel bin Mushtaq, Parsa's Ganderbal.

"A place of expectations turned into realities for me and the name turned the tables into memories forever for me and for everyone who joins us on a daily basis. We share not only food but the emotions on tables," Rolling love and laughter for a reason. Glad to be part of the family," says Harris Wani, Parsa's Sopore.

"We are really happy that our shopping center Mirza Emporio hosts Budgam outlet of Parsa's. Since Parsa's is one of the most successful and loved local brands of Valley, we are glad to be a part of this change," says Younis Mirza, Parsa's Budgam.

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