Punctuality week: Philosophy and practice

The role of faculty and staff in this context is pivotal
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Punctuality week is being observed in all colleges between 1st of April (Monday) to 6th  of April (Saturday) 2019. The philosophy behind this is to encourage students to be proactive and citizenry / society at large well disciplined.

During this week faculty workshops/ panel discussions and student debates/symposia are scheduled to be conducted. The  behavioural experts opine that punctuality is the first sign of loyalty towards an organisation . Punctuality refers to starting as well as completing work at right time.

A few people are punctual and there are habitual late comers in an organisation .Being late is a shameful situation not approved of .The Englishmen put on wrist-watch to exercise punctuality, conversely others may put it on simply as an ornament for show. Perhaps our culture in general has written off the habit of being on time as insignificant .

 The work-culture  is an important determinant not just for thequality of social life but equally for economic growth and advancement . Thereis a saying "time and tide wait for none ." Being consistently late, onestrains relationship with fellow workers and colleagues.

The focus on punctuality is the fore runner to improve uponwork efficiency. The ill -effects associated with non-punctuality need an indepth analysis. Steps are to be initiated to compute the impact of non-punctuality on performance and productivity .

The empirical analysis attempts to reveal :

•             Thatstudents should be punctual as it is the first condition to be great in life.Punctuality in attending classes, completion of syllabi, organizing academicevents, conduct of examinations  anddeclaration of results are very significant. The role of faculty and staff inthis context is pivotal. Pity the society where university authorities have toensure punctuality of teaching and non-teaching members at the varsity .Punctuality of all stakeholders is of paramount importance for smoothfunctioning and progress on the campus to churn out intellectual capital .

•             That  development projects remain incomplete fordecades together because of lackadaisical approach of the executing agencies .This finally entails  cost escalation .Aproject culminates into 4-5 times higher than original cost estimates owing tonon-observance of punctuality in its completion. This in simple economics meansadditional burden on the exchequer and the taxpayer .

•             Thatmarriage parties are crude examples where there is no respect for punctuality."I hate waiting, but do not hate you waiting." People can not progress as asociety where they are not punctual. Decades back a trend was set by closingthe door at the scheduled time for serving the grand lunch. Even noblest of thenoble had to return home without participation luncheon for being late .Thisshows courage and commitment and due regard for time . There is a saying thatbefits here "a stitch in time saves nine ".

•             That dueto late arrival of corporate bus fleet an organisation suffered loss. The costof the production loss in terms of output units was deducted from the billssubmitted by the transport company. This deduction made transport authoritiesrestless to ensure punctuality is observed strictly to avoid any deduction fromthe bills preferred for payment.

•             That theofficial meetings called of and on are not started at the schedule  fixed for the purpose . Now a days there is afashion to call off a meeting for one or the other reason despite that all themembers are present . Punctuality in attending these meetings and completingthe assignment within the requisite time frame is quite essential as regardssmart governance. 

The value added employment of people has a special characteristic of being punctual. It needs realisation and self motivation.  By giving up "tomorrow culture" we prove productive. Punctuality will break the socio-economic inertia the society is confronted with. Work ethics and work etiquette are essential requisites in every culture.

Punctuality reflects respect and consideration for fellow-feeling, self-discipline and organisational commitment. Punctuality is not simply a time skill but a relationship quality and a manifestation of personal character as well .The habit of punctuality is amazing as it exhibits how life becomes transformed and organised with time. The societies move forward through investment in human capital underpinned by a variety of values including  punctuality .

Two small cases can be cited how determination and punctuality add value. An examinee had to appear in national level examination (Company Secretaryship) at Regional Engineering College Srinagar. There was heavy snow fall. Vehicular traffic was suspended.

He travelled from Chanapora to REC on foot. He appeared  and qualified  examination. The society got in him a professional company secretary. Again a college teacher had to join Jammu University by the end of March. There was again heavy snow fall . The road was closed. He travelled a distance of 80 kms from Baderwah to Battot on foot. That enabled him to join well on time. Otherwise , he  would have lapsed. The society in him got a doctorate in education.

To sum up a schedule is to time what a budget is to money .The determination shown and punctuality observed will accelerate the progress in the society. So all of us mustbe punctual both in terms of attending an organization and completing tasksassigned.

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