Bad road connectivity

Bad road connectivity
Most of the roads in the district are in shambles, often leading to accidents.Special arrangement

The residents of various areas of Ramban are criticising the government over the bad road connectivity in the district.

They said that the administration had failed to take up steps for the well-being of the residents for whom traveling on the roads in Ramban district had become a nuisance.

Most of the roads in the district are in shambles, often leading to accidents.

Locals said that 50 years had passed since two divisions of Prime Ministers Grameen Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) and PWD R&B divisions came into existence in Ramban district yet the condition of roads in the district was pathetic.

They said that huge potholes on the road stretches give a tough time to the commuters.

Locals also accused the BDC, DDC members, and the district administrations of undue interference in road construction and repair work.

They said roads like Khari Mahu Chambalwass Neel, Karool Halla, Power House Rajgarh, Mehar Kanthi, Kanga Gandhri, Haroog Sumber, and several other link roads in the district were in a bad condition.

Locals said that there was no drainage system and retaining walls alongside the roads.

Officials of PMGSY and PWD Division Ramban said that they were waiting for the response to the tenders and that it would take some time before construction work and repair work on these roads was undertaken.

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