Ramban reels from price rise in essential commodities

Ramban reels from price rise in essential commodities
Representational ImageSource: mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Ramban, June 1: Amid COVID-19 partial lockdown the prices of several essential commodities including pulses, vegetables and mustard oil have increased significantly in Ramban district.

Traders said the reason for this price increase was shortage of supply due to lack of proper logistics. They said that items from other states were not available making the items dearer. Many goods have vanished from shelves. It is very difficult for us to get supplies.

The price of branded goods has gone up, the same is the case with other items and most stores and provision stores are running out of stock.

Residents of various towns complain that the life across the district got severely affected due to partial lockdown to combat COVID-19. The price of fruits, vegetables, mustard oil including other commodities increased manifolds in the district during this lockdown.

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