Reach out to people

It needs to be realized in the context of what is right now happening in the world around us.
Reach out to people
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Kashmir has not been at peace with itself for decades now. One tragedy is followed by another and so on. It seems to end nowhere. Killing of militants every now and then is a routine for the past twenty seven years when the militancy first broke in the year 1989. 

But the present public outcry and reaction over the killing of a new generation indigenous militant icon Burhan is quite daring and a new phenomenon. As of now around 60 or more lives have been lost and thousands of cops and civilians are injured. Some of whom critically and quite a few have lost their eye sight for the good. How many more may now on succumb to the injuries or die no one can say for certain. Over one hundred police stations and government buildings have either been burnt or damaged and lots of security forces camps and military installations attacked. Much of this violence this time round has taken place in the South of Kashmir where Burhan had gained a lot of popularity on the social media.

Responsible public figures like Muzzaffar Hussain Beigh have alleged a foul play and said that Burhan was shot at without following of SOP laid down by the highest court of the country. Everyone is demanding a high level impartial probe into this incident. Until that is done and all those found guilty are not brought to justice his killing will continue to haunt both the state as well as the central government for the years and years to come.

It needs to be realized in the context of what is right now happening in the world around us. One after the other country is hit by some kind of a terror attack. Much more are likely to happen and who knows when and where. ISIS has virtually declared a sort of war at all over the places.It is reckoned mainly because of unjustified invasion of the Iraq in the year 2003. As per Chilcot report made public in the UK recently war at that point of time was not the only way out but the other available options could have been explored to bring Saddam Hussain on the track. The then British Prime Minister Tony Blair has virtually apologized for having acted upon the intelligence reports with regard to WMD and chemical weapons which in the end were found false and incorrect. But alas only after the Saddam Hussain was killed. Whole of the Iraq was razed to the ground. Thousands of people were killed.

Likewise if we do not learn from the mistakes that have been committed in the past situation is bound to go from bad to worse. It will therefore be quite foolish if we let it go like this and do not probe into what went wrong, incidents like this one and that of the year 2008 and 2010 are going to happen over and over again. And a lot more of our kids will be inspired to follow the path left behind by Burhan and the others like him. 

Bringing in of more and more security forces, use of pellet guns or imposition of unprecedented restrictions of one sort or the other or continued extension of strike calls is no solution to this vexatious problem. 

But what is right now needed to be done is that the government as well as the political leaders of all shades should try to reach out to the people who have suffered the most because of the onslaught of the present crisis. Earlier that is done better it will be.

J.H.Reshi is practicing lawyer at J&K High Court at Srinagar.

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