Reconstructed narrative

This brutal black mail of public sentiments for their vested interests they have inherited from the first source. There is nothing new in the double-speak the Abdullahs are con artists of.
Reconstructed narrative
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Even before the new Governor Satya Pal Malik took charge, the NC leadership has asked party workers to gear up for the ensuing elections. With PDP falling from grace and power and smudged in guilt of betraying mandate of people  as the BJP took the rug under her feet), the NC thought now it was its time to  play the errand it used to.Capitalizing on the fresh wounds the Mehbooba-led coalition government inflicted on the body and soul of Kashmiris (at the same time nursing the illusion that scars of atrocities during its last six years stint in chair might have got faded  off the memory strands of people), Abdullah duo lost no time in secreting its pheromones of 'impatience'. To court those, we know, have penchant for change. It has been already mapped out that irrespective of the fast changing contours of the ground situation, the role of molding into political lackeys has to be distributed between the two regional parties, NC and PDP, alternatively. In such a setting the NC's puffing up is understandable. While Kashmir continued to be roiled by the protests related to Supreme Court hearing on Article 35-A (that defines and protects permanent residence rights of people of Kashmir) and United Nations Human Rights Commission report on human rights violations in Kashmir seriously denting 'democratic' image of India, NC patron and president Farooq Abdullah rushed to Delhi to register his dynasty's and party's allegiance. The father-son duo mesmerized Indians by such kind of acrobatics at all critical junctures . Farooq Abdullah's bursting up his vocal chords in chanting Bharat Matta Kyi Jai before  Modi  during a function in Delhi was not an act by hyper stance, it was cleverly crafted act of obeisance. The full-spectrum loyalty expression was as much to please the master as an attempt to dilute the intensity of UN report. Since elections—whether those of local bodies or of assembly and parliament—have been showcased as expression of faith on democratic idea of India, announcement of  civic and panchayat elections was, more than carrying development at local level, aimed to blunt, what Delhi says ,' fallacious' propaganda. And NC is the fore-runner of this poll campaign as it was in the past. It so closely tagged itself with the Governor that Farooq was venerated as a mascot Governor sahib would put by his side. Farooq  was the first to boast that these elections are neither for India nor for the Governor. They are, he would brag, for addressing local issues. He directed his party workers to get mobilized. Synergized with the support, Governor hailed efforts of Farooq saying 'only Farooq sahib can speak such things and that courageously'. This was the time when Kashmir was on boil on Article 35-A and NC and other pro-accession parties seemed to make a joint cause on cautioning Delhi against any fiddling with the said provision. But only within a weak the party renegaded from its earlier stand. Its president, without feeling any remorse for what he said before, linked the conduct of local body elections with Delhi's pledging assurance about safety of Article 35-A which is being challenged in the apex court. I wonder what kind of politicking these people and parties are doing. True a linkage was drawn by the state and center  governments between Article 35-A and elections in their recent plea in the Supreme Court and pleaded for postponing the hearing stating that it will have impact  on the situation in Kashmir but it didn't unnerve, much less irritate, NC leader. He went with his poll activism and kept charging and unleashing lava of anger– left, right and centre—against those who disagreed with him. He was in hurry. He wanted to convey that Muzafer Baig  has no copyright on the 'leader of the millennium and the country Modi heads. As Dulat (former chief of India's spy agency RAW) says Farooq is the most reliable man for India in Kashmir. He cannot be  wrestled down from that position. He  has all his organic whole intact for India despite his occasional tumbles in rage.  The excuses he is digging out now on the linkage he never referred before, let alone register the protest for. That he made a volte face now is only because his party workers at the grass root have deeply resented   the decision. So now we have NC, as Farooq himself declared, boycotting the ULB and panchayat elections. But still they have not sloughed off their deceptive trappings. In a recent statement , party's working president Omar Abdullah, has said that party has not asked people to boycott the elections. What did you ask then? Participating in elections.  Obviously. And that is what Delhi wants. It is immaterial whether elections are held on party basis or not, people's participation matters. The decision of the party and now the violence of the interpretation the decision is subjected to, reflect there is thief in its intent. Confronted with the tough conditions at the local level, it announced poll boycott, so as to make it see they too are part of the Kashmir-centric narrative. But to keep Delhi in good humor it did the balancing act. Omar Abdullah tries to shield his party behind the violence of hermeneutics, but the stink of double standard and dichotomy is so nauseating that it cannot be covered up any construct. Our people are now too conscious to be intrigued by crafted sementics. You cannot hide for long behind the concocted versions. Today in a fraction of second the veneer of deception comes cracking. Since 1938 this grand party has been playing fraud on the gullible people. This brutal black mail of public sentiments for their vested interests they have inherited from the first source. There is nothing new in the  double-speak the Abdullahs are con artists of.                 

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