Rehbar-e-Pashu Palan: Justified or Not

Honestly speaking, majority of the then unemployed Vets vehemently opposed the move & got it binned till now, only with the justification that a Veterinarian who has qualified the then Common Entrance Test (held by BOPEE) by putting blood & sweat together can’t beg for a job of that nature.
Rehbar-e-Pashu Palan: Justified or Not

Couple of weeks ago a letter addressed to Director Animal/Sheep Husbandry Kashmir for comments regarding engagement of unemployed Veterinary Graduates on the pattern of Rehbar-e-Zirat/Jungalat/Taleem appeared on the social networking site Facebook, inviting arguments and counter-arguments from the Veterinary Professionals. However, it couldn't evoke an anticipated stronger reaction probably due to it being in the infancy stage and yet not put in the public domain. As a Veterinary Professional & as a Teacher I took it as a humiliation to a profession that has the potential to provide jobs to the unemployed rather than the professionals being labelled as job-beggars. It reminded me of 2008-09 when my colleagues asked for the same & sought help from the friends who were pursuing higher studies in other universities. Honestly speaking, majority of the then unemployed Vets vehemently opposed the move & got it binned till now, only with the justification that a Veterinarian who has qualified the then Common Entrance Test (held by BOPEE) by putting blood & sweat together can't beg for a job of that nature. After a rigorous 5-long years of study they can't dream of such a humiliating job. Those who strongly opposed were of the opinion that they can carve out a descent job and proved it right by qualifying civil services or got appointed as Vety. Assistant Surgeons through PSC or made it to different Vety. Universities as Assistant Professors. Even some preferred to move out of the country either for higher studies or for the private jobs. And YES all are satisfied with their decisions. Yet I can't understand the urgency of present unemployed lot to join the scheme; may be due to some compelling reasons but can't be the justification for majority. However, my gut-feeling (please don't take it harsh) is that they either doubt their professional calibre or aren't willing to strive for the best. They simply want a Govt. Job, not worried about the remuneration and/or job profile; very rightly justified by the saying "Beggars can't be choosers". Here I would like to tell my students (not others) that you are born to create & provide jobs to others rather than beg for a job. You have the talent, potential & guidance to scale the heights. Only need to exhibit the courage & will to exert. Remember God helps those who help themselves.

Having said so, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned people towards the following points only to remind them of the saying "start by doing what is necessary then do what is possible and suddenly you'll be doing impossible".

I. Why J&K Vety. Doctors Association (known for its vibrancy) isn't willing to discuss and debate the proposal within their fraternity when in future (if approved) they'll have to fight for their regularization or at least take unemployed Vets on board while submitting suggestions to the Government.

II. Why the twin professional colleges (called seat of learning for the Vety. Profession) show a lackadaisical attitude for debating such a move. Mere discussion & making an opinion in no way amounts to renouncing a Govt. order or inciting the students when otherwise it is going to help the Government in drafting the policy. May be suggestions like reducing the intake capacity in colleges, providing stipends for the post-graduates on merit basis, exploring entrepreneurial opportunities/jobs & international linkages for higher studies etcetera could be put forward for consideration by the concerned quarters.

III. Why can't the Govt. recruit them through JKPSC (on competetivebasis) in a phased manner as they deserve rather than employing them in bulk through such schemes which amounts to professional denigration and is a clear-cut violation (lacking procedural formalities) to right to employment. It will also prove counter-productive (as they'll not adhere to professional ethics) for the livestock sector which is a significant contributor to the Agricultural GDP. However, if Govt. wants to provide employment to more people as promised and/or as demanded by the unemployed Vets (may be) let it be named as "Contractual Scheme for Vets" with basic pay as initial salary for 3-5 years and then time-bound & phase-wise regularization. This will sound a professional treatment with the professionals of a noble profession.

IV. Why the hibernated JK Unemployed Vety. Doctors/Students Associations (I doubt whether these exist or not as their existence is ephemeral & event-driven as evidenced by last year screening exam boycott) aren't requesting the concerned agencies like JKVDA, Vety. Scientists Association (SKUAST J & K), Placements Cells of both the varsities etcetera to come up with a workable & an acceptable solution to this grave issue. Last minute hue and cry will only be foolish as proved earlier.

In nutshell, the situation reminds me of 1) Recent Exam Boycott by these unemployed Vets where poor homework, lack of maturity & no pre-boycott debate costed many of them very dearly & should have (I believe) taught them a lesson to remember for good. 2) Hollywood serial "PRISON BREAK" which explicitly demonstrates how the pre-operative preparations are made before taking up a challenging & a life-taking task. But the question remains: Who will act like Michael Scofield or Sara Tancredi? Who will take the risk to be part of this dare devil team? And, Who is going to help Whom and Why???

The views expressed are author's own & not of the institution he works for

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