Rescuing Kashmir and Kashmiris

The youth will no longer be fooled by empty promises and false goals
Rescuing Kashmir and Kashmiris

For the people of Jammu and Kashmir however, peace has been the crucial missing element without which progress has been hindered for decades. The economy was in shambles and we continued to drop on every development index. The only consistent thing was the unchecked rise of Pakistan sponsored groups and greedy separatist politicians. Without peace there were no investments, no development and no growth for the region as a whole. The prospect of real and tangible peace has been the spark that our economy has needed. Whether it is infrastructure, exports, tourism, education, or sports, every single sector has benefited and the true potential of our great state is being realised.

Over the years anarchists continued to promote their brainwashed agenda of separatism, and radicalization through the years. The modus operandi was simple. Their families and friends were supported with funds to ensure they would drive separatist propaganda. This insidious plan created a serious issue, with a small but dangerous fanatic base choosing to put their blind greed ahead of the welfare of the Kashmiri people. It is this Kashmiri human capital that has been safeguarded by weeding out Pakistani elements, thus creating a foundation for future security and growth. Mr. Modi has chosen the right balance between gentle diplomacy and decisive action in protecting the interests of the common people.   

This process has not been easy at all. Over the past 75 years, there was a false environment that was designed and created to support the goals of radicals. Pakistan has chosen to constantly undermine the peace process from the very beginning. They decided to use every possible trick to destabilise the region. They did not have the capability or courage for an all-out war, so they decided on a course of action that posed the least risk to them. What resulted was years of death and destruction, and a tragic loss of lives.  They infiltrated and radicalised the youth at each opportunity, and then gave them arms and ammunition. They sat back and watched as our poor boys martyred themselves for a hollow cause without any hope of a better future. There is something about the callousness of this approach that sends shivers down my spine to this day. Thankfully, the whole ecosystem that supported separatism has been dismantled. We are tearing out the roots of hate and radicalism, paving the way for a better tomorrow. The youth will no longer be fooled by empty promises and false goals.

Pakistan has always chosen an underhand approach to all its problems, but it has refused to take responsibility for any of its actions. While a large number of  people have suffered over the years, it is the Kashmiri people that have been the worst victims of its selfish agenda. It's youth who have been radicalised and led astray, and have been turned into mere cannon fodder. There was so much grief and pain for our families, with no justice in sight. But that's not all, the average Kashmiri has always got the raw end of the deal. The armed conflict in Kashmir has been so long drawn that the economy has bled, and the region became a threat to national security. The central government was forced to declare the state as a disturbed area and had to dedicate financial and para military forces in the interests of the people and invoke AFSPA. Prime Minister Modi has taken an incredible step, and he has saved Kashmir – there is no other way to say it. Interestingly, because of this action, Pakistan's antics have been laid bare to the world, and the spotlight is now on other areas that are also suffering because of its actions. Prime Minister Modi's actions may well be the catalyst to saving other regions as well. A prominent example of this is Afghanistan, where it has employed a similar strategy of funding local warlords and armed groups of all sizes.

 For decades the people of Jammu and Kashmir have yearned for peace and a chance for prosperity. But it was denied to them at every turn. While the poor became poorer, the wealth of the state was in the hands of a select few. Meanwhile the political elite continued to hold an iron grip on the special provisions under the guise of maintaining status quo under Article 370. In one clean swoop, Mr Modi's firm decision has changed the course of history for Jammu and Kashmir. Now the violence fomenters, the greedy rich and the corrupt political class are being brought to justice. The road ahead is long and arduous, but we are finally on the right path. This action is a source of solace and hope, not just for us Kashmiri's but for the nation as a whole.

 On 5 August 2019, Prime Minister Modi told the world that we are no longer apart – we are a single unit. This message was delivered loud and clear to Pakistan. It's mindless conspiracies and hate propaganda will have no place in Kashmir and our glorious nation. This marks the end of the suffering for my fellow Kashmiris, and the dawn of a beautiful new age for the region.

In the true sense of the word we now have Azaadi. Azaadi from Pakistani elements that promote radicalism, Azaadi from dynastic rule and Azaadi from corrupt politicians. Above all, Azaadi from wasted potential and a dark and bleak future. I am not surprised that Mr Modi is being seen as our liberator and guardian angel. I will always remember 5th August 2019 as the day you gave us freedom from all of this.

I am a young Kashmiri, with high aspirations. I have hopes and dreams, and a vision of prosperity. For this Modi Ji, you have our eternal gratitude. Kashmir doesn't need to be settled anymore – it has already been settled by you once for all.

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