Revolutionizing the farming

Our farmers need to be exposed to newer, safer, and better methods of farming
Revolutionizing the farming
File Pic: Mubashir Khan/GK

Farming, in the present times, is not just about hard and crude labour, but is increasingly dependant on technology. The developments in science and technology have changed the modes and outcomes of farming beyond recognition. It is time when the intervention of technology is made at every stage of farming to ensure that the produce is better, both in terms of quantity and quality.

In Kashmir, we have seen how in recent years the inputs from scientific community have revolutionised the farming sector. From hybrid seeds to hight density apple farming we have been a witness to a trajectory of immense growth.

But of late there has been an emphasis on lowering the content of toxic fertilisers and this is now recognised world wide that such an input in farming has done a great damage.

That is why there is an unprecedented emphasis on organic faming, so that negative impact on health is checked. Looking from this perspective the introduction of farming inputs that are least toxic and ensure maximum yield is a welcome step.

Our farmers need to be exposed to newer, safer, and better methods of farming. To this end we have full fledged university in place in Kashmir, and also in Jammu. Both these universities, and many allied departments, are regularly holding functions to popularise scientific research.

Not just this, farmers are introduced to new high-tech equipment, and new varieties of seeds and saplings. Till now its impact has been tremendous. We have seen that over these years farming has become easy, and more productive.

The journey towards economically rewarding farming should continue and we must take recourse to the latest technological innovations in the field. Our farmers and orchidists should receive regular inputs – in terms of information, skill, equipment and other material – from the government departments.

Around the globe we have witnessed a complete revolution in farming, and this has resulted in better economies. We too need to think of this sector as a potential game changer. And this can happen only when we benefit fully from new technologies, and from new agricultural research.

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