Rule by Inheritance

Irony of our fate being that while we had not witnessed complete downfall of one dynasty that another dynasty found its way, taking us for a ride.
Rule by Inheritance
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Apart from Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, deemed responsible for having given boost to dynastic rule, all his adversaries have followed the trend. Although he initially sacrificed his life for Kashmir cause and carried on a long political struggle, but ultimately gave in for the sake of power, thus lowering his status. Whatever the circumstances, let us not go into those details. Had the Kashmir issue been resolved in its true perspective, the question of his kith and kin enjoying privileges would have least surfaced.  Even then his son Dr. Farooq Abdullah enjoyed faith and affection of the public just till yesterday. But his mismanagement of affairs and then perpetrating of atrocities by both the state and the central governments changed the entire scenario.

Irony of our fate being that we had not witnessed the complete downfall of one dynasty that another dynasty found its way, taking us for a ride. A seasoned and veteran, but shrewd  person like Mufti Mohammad Sayeed though having no such base and stature to stand against Sheikh Sahib mustered courage and grabbed every opportunity to be a stumbling block in his way. Although not openly, but in his  own corners he always opposed him tooth and nail. He, like his senior Congressmen with the patronage of the then party leadership also hatched conspiracies to bring the tallest leader of Kashmir down. That is why Sheikh Sahib always warned his fellowmen of being cautious and careful about him. Sayeed left no space whether from inside or outside and managed to bring cracks in NC' strong cadres, but in turn gradually laid foundation for establishing his own dynastic rule. 

Dynastic rule exists in several countries especially in the sub-continent and some other Asian countries, where  there are democratically elected governments. In Saudi Arabia there is Kingdom and not democracy. Kashmiris  are more emotional in many spheres of life. Their sentiments often prevail over their sensibility. They remained so much indebted to Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah that his three generations were tolerated. Now after a long slumber when we realized that our fate is still hanging in balance as we were drawn out from one trap and put in another trap. We rose up again. This situation was fully exploited by the present dispensation for achieving power. They achieved what they desired as people supported them wholeheartedly and voted them to power  on the pretext of resolving the main issue. However, the repercussions are before us. Replacing 'A' by 'B' has made no difference. In fact 'B' has proved more dangerous than 'A'and the stalemate continues.

Now bi-elections held for a couple of Parliamentary seats and the government tightened its grip on Hurriyat leaders and hardly allowed them to move freely and propagate their view point. Whosoever wins or loses does not make any kind of difference for the movement or the separatists. In their opinion one who contests elections paves way for Indian domination and imparts credence to their unjustified claim. But then why lose cognizance of the fact that by staying away partially one of the two NC or PDP shall get onto our shoulders and the dynastic rule shall continue. By this one should not construe that Hurriyat should indirectly fight elections, but they need to adopt any strategy that may result in a successful  call. Either the polls should be boycotted outright or, otherwise, let people support someone. After all why provide opportunities to these hypocrites again and again who at the behest of their mentors leave stone unturned to break the will of the people, in subjugating them, in tormenting them. No body is presently ready to come out, but these stooges of Delhi are reported to have created such a state of helplessness .

In 2002, people voted PDP to power which became possible, allegedly with indirect support of a front ranking Organization in Kashmir. During previous Parliamentary elections and then in 2014 Assembly elections same phenomenon was experienced. Although PDP fought on the slogan to stop BJP from entering the valley still it won and consolidated its position in both the elections again with full support of same people from outside. 2008 land row and 2010 mass agitations flared up by PDP and then the devastating floods of 2014 proved catalysts for the debacle of NC. Now if people might have felt that by voting Mufti dynasty to power, the ground situation shall change, Kashmir Issue may get resolved, common man may get relief, the results are before us, the outcome of our choice is there in the field. Had we used some political sense then a person, who for years together nourished Congress and overwhelmingly declared Kashmir a mini India, managed to bring Jag Mohan as the governor of the state during his tenure as Home minister of India, enacted draconian laws should not then have been chosen for the sake of preference. 

Self rule, De-militarization, Peace with Dignity, and now Safeguarding the Article-370, engaging Pakistan and the separatists in talks. Where is all this now. The agenda of alliance is being openly opposed by the Sangh Parivar. Is it not then a deceitfull agreement to hoodwink the innocent Kashmiris. 

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