Seeds of Anger

The sobs of a seven year old, seething in pain, curling his spine and griping his mother’s shirt while in her lap go unnoticed under the whelming din the city hospital at present is caught in, due to the huge flow of injured patients.
Seeds of Anger
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The sobs of a seven year old, seething in pain, curling his spine and griping his mother's shirt while in her lap go unnoticed under the whelming din the city hospital at present is caught in, due to the huge flow of injured patients.  He is just a number added to the long list of injured under the spell of deadly pellet onslaught. The figures quantifying the pellet victims have reduced his innocence to one insignificant digit in the long list of wounded. 

The boy, small enough to occupy even the space on the bed is scratching nails against the chest of her mother in a hope to overcome the peppery pain in his eyes. He seems to be unaware of even the name of the place he lives in, not to talk of the conflict he has inherited with his genetic baggage. Just with the coincidental flick of bad luck his birth has landed him in the turmoil torn Kashmir and he has suddenly become a despicable sore in the eye, while the boys of his age in other parts of the world even challenge their parents for the rights they are aware of having been born with. 

This boy along with other hundreds having fallen victim to this, supposedly non-lethal, weapon are the ones who shall dutifully carry the task of revolt in the times to come. Their pain shall provide them the fuel to keep themselves motivated and to guide others to fulfil the dream they have got associated with. Pellets may seem, in the short term, an effective way to handle mass uprising,  but these injuries could become a festering wound in the long term, to its inflictors. The reason is simple, wounds may vanish but the pain will never go and this pain would pop out with higher degree of vehemence. 

Pellets have shifted the nature of alienation from the lower strata of disgust to the phenomenally higher levels of revolt. This new flip to the scale of hatred due to unabated use of pellets have not only estranged the victims of pellets but all others associated with them. The pellet injury is not just the physical injury to one person but its long standing ramifications could touch far higher psychologically crucial domains on the larger canvas that could be extremely difficult to handle. The person losing eyesight to the pellets shall be carrying its pain all along his life. With every breath he takes, this perpetual pain would reason him to spew curses on those who inflicted this pain on him.

The use of pellet guns, as a mob controlling tool, is a far serious issue than what seems to catch the eye. It reflects the mindset of the 'think tank' taking decisions at the highest level with regard to Kashmir. In an ominous desire to crush Kashmiris with an iron fist, to placate the right wing protagonists and to provide rampart for gathering votes, they are unwittingly pushing Kashmir to an edge of no return. Pellets may suffice their dreams decorated with communal colors but simultaneously have the potential to paint 'red' the left out traces of democracy and secularism in the eyes of the world that is curiously watching events unfolding in Kashmir. 

Pellet guns have rendered hundreds blind in Kashmir but have opened eyes of thousands. The panoramic view with a new focused insight to Kashmir imbroglio has been provided by this new weapon in the armory of forces. On 24th of July, the home minister leaves Kashmir with the promise of replacing pellet guns with some soft non-lethal option and despite a month that has gone past, not even a committee to look into the matter has been made to sit. Given the severity of problem, decision by the home ministry could have been taken in hours of landing back in Delhi. An urgent meeting with all the big brains could have been called had the issue been looked through the prism of compassion and empathy. Now imagine, when a decision on Pellet guns would take the eye sight of hundreds, 70 odd deaths and months together with no hope in sight, what would happen to the decisions on removal of AFSPA, talking to separatists, Autonomy, Self-rule, referendum and Plebiscite? 

The seven year old kid, seething in pain, in the hospital is the face of new generation of Kashmiris who are supposed to take the mantle from those who are in charge of things at present. The deep imprints cast in the minds of this generation that is yet to understand the complexities of Kashmir issue shall carry hatred and only hatred in their hearts. This hatred is bound to manifest itself into the crises of monstrous proportions in future. With the small metal pellets in the bodies of these young boys, the 'seeds of hate' are being planted and systematically watered with blood.

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