Sheer arrogance
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Sheer arrogance

BJP has never understood the pulse of the people and often discredited the popular leadership of Kashmir from throwing Farooq Abdullah’s autonomy report to eroding Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s efforts for Indo- Pak relations, they have openly shown their intent.

Whenever a person wears a mask of sanity with deceit in his heart, every action of his naturally becomes manipulative, destructive and largely senseless. Ram Madhav, a journalist turned politician who served RSS-based journals apart from his unintelligible and meaningless writings has once again put in prominence the amount of rot and filth that exists in his mind. Claiming to be a hard core nationalist, a pseudo intellectual by nature has vehemently adopted a selective approach in defending the indefensible. His recent remarks of backing the illegitimate and criminal act of army using a local as human shield exhibits the narcissistic ideology of the BJP-RSS.

Everything here is seen with a prism of security here when India, as a nation is signatory to the internal covenants for upholding certain minimal human rights of the citizens. It is reasonably agreed that stone pelting is not a lawful or socially accepted tool of protest, however this ideological battle is to be met intellectually. It involves a civilized and academic political will where the rebellious is engaged in a meaningful talk process commonly known as 'dialogue" in Kashmir. Historically BJP has been swinging like a pendulum on the extremes with nothing substantial for common masses of Kashmir. It seems that they want to win nation at the cost of Kashmir, with it's over used and abused cliché of Kashmiriyat and Jhamhooriyat and Insaniyat. The actions of their intellectually bankrupt leaders has only hollowed this slogan. Ram Madhav's remarks is a sign of BJP's limitless fallacious assessment about politics of Kashmir and double standard for the rule of law. Earlier also one of the arrogant cabinet ministers of BJP was seen making remarks on political situation laced with prejudice and malice. The valley is facing a deep rooted political challenge and any misadventure that undermines the dignity of people is bound to have its own ramifications. 

BJP has never understood the pulse of the people and often discredited the popular leadership of Kashmir from throwing Farooq Abdullah's autonomy report to eroding Mufti Mohammad Sayeed's efforts for Indo- Pak relations, they have openly shown their intent.

For them rule of law is selective according to their own convenience, at times horse trading is legitimate in Manipur and Goa. Overthrowing governments and imposing president's rule has become a norm. Saffron group warning hoardings against Kashmiris is everywhere visible in UP. This soft dictatorship of Modi has taken toll on us. Ram Madhav and his RSS affiliates must essentially understand that use of brute force may be less shocking than irresponsible and immature utterances from a office bearer of a national party. Weaving a narrative on basis long queues of voters or inaugurating tunnels is all futile when one cannot win the hearts of people.The way BJP has handled the mainstream politics of Kashmir has botched the political discourse. Everything is being minutely interpreted by the people and especially the youth. The Kashmiri youth's open support to armed groups and massive violent protests is only a reaction to BJP's tough position on peace building measures. Given the massive mandate that this party had got, people had expected something from Modi, however there is sheer disappointment. The proof of cynicism is mandated by Modi's arrogance when he said "I don't need advice or analysis from anyone in this world on Kashmir', when a seasoned and veteran Chief Minister urged him to take a step further for dialogue process that would favour Kashmir. This is not the end and we don't know what's there in store for us.

Tail Piece : Given the readings of the day , it would be unwise to expect the least from BJP when there is a political onslaught unleashed on people of this country by BJP-RSS 

Mera Qatil hi mera munsif hai ,

Kya mere haq main faisla dega

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