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Highhandedness and display of might will deteriorate the situation and more innocents like Saleem will get killed.
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Death comes in many forms in Kashmir. Being caught in crossfire between militants and security forces is an old story in valley. 

The recent death of Mohammad Saleem Malik again in a usual way lead to protests throughout the streets of Srinagar duly backed up by the call for Kashmir band. Thousands of people in the old similar fashion marched on the streets against the high-handedness of forces. This is another terrible picture. Again people feel disappointed with  the killing of an innocent boy who became the victim of  circumstances. Security apparatus  globally comprise the people working for government to protect the country and its people but unfortunately in this bruised valley things turn sometimes different.

Honourable burial or cremation, as I believe is obligatory among all religions. Every corpse deserve to be respected despite his/her living ideology. Funeral procession of every Muslim is indeed a part of religious ritual and perhaps  obligatory in Islam. But,when the funeral procession of the deceased is targeted with tear shells, canisters, pellets and indiscriminate firing in air. It puts a question mark on the article guareenting the right to freedom of religion enjoined by constitution of India. The excess use of force on the mourning procession of Saleem was unwanted and unwarranted which aggreviated the anger and created the atmosphere of discontent in the city that  has been calm for some time. Sadly, government resorts to the only option of restrictions and sealing of Jamia Masjid which is not a permanent solution.

What is more painful, that everyone feel, after reading about this tragedy from all leading papers of valley proves the statement of crossfiring a fictionalized statement. Sharing the intelligence inputs, the Army laid an ambush in order to trek the militants and in the wee hours, was killed in cross firing. Family denounces this theory. How he (Saleem) was overnight, spotted and gunned down in cross firing is an enigma when he went out after hearing bleat of his sheep. This is how the family, neighbours and friends  narrate the tragedy. His mother and sisters still waits for Saleem because they believe he is alive. How many mothers and sisters do it in Kashmir?

How many mothers call their sons backs when they see them dead in coffins? Some wait too impatiently for their kids when they left for school or college,some others wait their sons left for market and Saleem's mother would wait for him in breakfast because she believes he was asleep in his room. He was definitely asleep-eternally silenced, off course deep in slumber. Whosoever saw him uttered. He is not dead, see he is asleep, but in a pool of blood ".

Kashmir has witnessed turbulent times. A fair analysis would place the blame on government more than the unscrupulous elements for turbulence that swept Kashmir over the years. The fresh  killing of Saleem added fuel to the fire. The anger among masses  have enhanced after this killing and will impact the upcoming elections if the cycle of violence doesn't end soon.

Elections have almost approached and government appear to have learned little from its mistakes. It is still testing the already tested methods. Instead of putting itself in order,they are creating an atmosphere of scare and dread ahead. Elections need a congenial atmosphere and government should look inward rather than outwards to curb the growing  anarchy.

Businessmen, traders, students have already suffered too much this year due to the continuous violence and frequent shutdowns. The forces should come up with the solution to government by using minimum force to normalize the situation. While dealing with counter-insurgency operations, the risks to minimize any causality or damage to the property can calm the tempers. Highhandedness and display of might  will deteriorate the situation and more innocents like Saleem will get killed. Government would do more good to itself than anyone else if it arrests the brewing anger of people rather than their physical arrest.

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