Solution in the problem

And the human beings have seen way too much blood to be healed by statements and petitions.
Solution in the problem
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On many occasions in the past few months, Rajnath Singh, spoke of a solution to the Kashmir problem. He believes that the BJP dispensation at the center will deliver a solution to the people of Kashmir and to the people of India, and make both happy ever after. He did not outline the solution, and kept on parroting the theme of solution like a magician who keeps the audience anticipating with tantalising moves and gestures. It is easy for the audience to feel tempted by his words, especially the audience which is not merely a neutral addressee but also besieged by a sea of miseries. On repeatedly being pressed to give the details of the solution, he smiles away the question, only insisting that the solution will come only from the party to which he belongs, and the hint is that all the wise men, parties in power and statesmen of international acumen have only wasted time in the past. The peaceful future of Kashmir can only come from the magical wand of Rajnath Singh. What is the level of trust that one can repose in the statements of Rajnath Singh? From the antecedents of the Home Minister, perhaps the amount of faith that one should put in his words should be same as one can when the head of the RSS or Benjamin Netanyahu say that they have a solution in their mind to the long standing problems in Kashmir and Palestine respectively.  In each scenario it becomes easier to bear and visualise life inside the problem than conjuring the nature of life inside the solution. Unless of course, a bit of magic is mixed a generous touch of humanism, and solution flashes out of BJP or Netanyahu, one should keep fingers crossed and hope for good luck.

Forget about solution, the only mercy one can seek from the current Party and the dispensation in Delhi, is that they understand the problem. From the first step of Shyam Prasad Mookerjee into Kashmir to the most recent statement issuing out of them, it is clear that the problem has not been understood, or there is an unwillingness to comprehend the issue at hand. And if the problem is not understood in its right perspective, then those who expect the solution to come from the Home Minister should seek an appointment with the doctor of psychiatry. As a matter of fact, it is not that the problem is not accepted but the truth is that it is understood in a different framework. That framework is poles apart from that of those who seek a dignified way out of the same. The problem is that those who tell us that they have a final solution to the problem are actually an essential ingredient in the creation of the problem. Had it not been for the rigid stance of the right wing in India right from the days of Partition, there would not have been any issue known as Kashmir issue. Even when the erosion of Article 370 began which had retained a modicum of peace and dignity with the people, it was done precisely because of the virulent campaign launched by various wings of the right wing in India. It is only during the Vajpayee regime that we came close to seeing a solution. At that time also, the softer right wing was undone by the harder right wing. Even as the draft statement was being framed, someone from behind the scenes pulled the rug, and everything came to a cropper. The right wing in India is the primary source of hurdles in the making of a way out of the problem. By creating a public campaign against the special status to Jammu and Kashmir, it created the motivation among the people to seek the assistance of the foreign powers. While it is absolutely true that for mobilising public opinion in its favour, the anti special status campaign has done a huge benefit for the right, the way out will also most probably come from the softening of the right wing. For the Center or the Left to bend comes at the risk of being overwhelmed by the Right. However, for a Right Wing with so much popularity as it is now, a slight bend, with some assistance from the media, nothing is impossible, with minimum damage. With all the anti-public sentiment of the right wing of India in respect of Jammu and Kashmir, what should one make out of the rhetoric of solution from the Home Minister of India?

To begin with the virtuoso solution-monger has to do a reality check of the problem. The latter has to be democratically analysed. The solution will naturally flow from a democratic outlook on the problem. The pieces of the puzzle have to be re-set, the foundations have to be readjusted, some history has to be revised, the reviled leaders of the past may have to be cast in good light, and the men and women in the camp have to receive a gentle reminder that human beings matter more than the territory. And the human beings have seen way too much blood to be healed by statements and petitions. But is all of that possible, for the Party and its vision is not cast in sand to be easily remade. No doubt, Rajnath Singh, like King Lear of Shakespeare, does not say that "Sir, I am too old to learn" but his Party certainly will feel it way too painful to return to the older pages and make bold changes in order to dish out a solution. Therefore, the request to him is to talk more about the problem in a genuine, truthful and humanitarian (with a leaf and line from Vajpayee) manner than wax rhetorical about solution, for nothing more than earning a breaking news.

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