Speaking Silence

With absolutely no clarity of what constitutional safeguards the BJP, PDP Government in J&K has agreed with the centre the shame resolution
Speaking Silence
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On 4th July the day first of crucial special assembly session he was missing for the entire day from the house, but when many started whispering about his absence, Omar Abdullah made his presence on the second day when the GST resolution was passed. He looked serious, confident and even smiling on occasions throughout the day, watching the proceedings of the House like a statesman, as if everything was in his hands. One could read from his face that as if his just one sentence would safeguard fiscal Autonomy of the state and that sentence would become part of preamble of both Indian and J&K constitution. People watching in every gallery were much keen to hear that sentence from Mr. Omar Abdullah, but he didn't speak even a single word as if he was a statue. The resolution was passed and he was the first to leave the Assembly with a smiling face as if he is going to carry out a surgical strike over the GST issue. Perhaps he wanted to express his views at a place of much bigger stature that of the state assembly. Perhaps he chose his cosy drawing room or some unknown destination to shoot the sentence in an atmosphere and mood of his choice, so the tweet boy shot a tweet missile; "With absolutely no clarity of what constitutional safeguards the BJP, PDP Govt. in J&K has agreed with the centre the shame resolution". Most probably as a hidden agreement Mehbooba Mufti followed Omer Abdullah in maintaining shameful silence in the assembly and the only words she spoke during two days was offering unconditional apology to Mr. Davinder Raina for the lynching remarks used against him by Imran Ansari. Mehbooba's apology gave the NC president and his team a reason to clap. Some may call it exaggeration if I take the liberty to reveal that both Omar and Mehbooba were jointly implementing 'operation GST' whose road map was handed over to them by their masters in New Delhi. Let Kashmiris ask Omar Abdullah wherever he goes and wherever he speaks, 'what forced you to keep criminal and unpardonable silence in the assembly'. He needs to be told loud and clear, and without being apologetic, that tweets don't change the discourse and if New Delhi could not listen the painful voices of one lac Martyrs, how could tweet missiles help Kashmir. It seems by not speaking even a word over crucial GST resolution in the Assembly both Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti have kept a window open for their children and grandchildren, whom they see the only role models and future of Kashmir, to exploit and rule our children and grandchildren. Whenever needed their children and grandchildren may ask Kashmiris to check the then proceedings of the assembly and find out if they have spoken even a word in favour of implementing GST in J&K and similarly when they would require New Delhi's blessings, they may again play the same card and may ask New Delhi to check the records and find if Omer Abdullah or Mehbooba Mufti have spoken a single word against GST in the state Assembly. Anyway the shameful but historic proceedings of the state assembly on 4th and 5th June have exposed the true faces of these politicians. Those often being accused of being sick minded, unrealistic and short of vision have been proven right and let me say that every anti-India voice in J&K has been proven right beyond doubt and those calling dialogue with New Delhi to resolve Kashmir dispute a futile exercise have been vindicated yet again. May the advocates of dialogue explain what New Delhi has to offer Kashmiris, if it is moving ruthlessly for complete integration of J&K into Indian union. Let BJP be given the credit for making Kashmiris understand that come what may, we don't care and we know how to create Mir Jaffar's and Mir Sadiq's in and outside the Assembly. It is not useless to mention that one more Mir Sadiq who tries to impress New Delhi by sending signals that he can abuse, demolish and humiliate Kashmiris much more than Omar and Mehbooba, while sermonising in the Assembly asked Kashmiris not to forget that J&K has acceded to India and not India has acceded J&K, as if he was adding something what was like a significant confidential secret not known to anyone since the day when J&K exceeded to India. Let the Kashmiris give up the emotions, introspect and find the way forward, as majority of the Kashmiri leaders who have divided the people in the name of so called mainstream and separatist ideologies, just to continue with their petty politics of convenience are feeling no shame in justifying their huge betrayals.

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