COLONY WOES | Mustafabad residents decry lack of drainage system

COLONY WOES | Mustafabad residents decry lack of drainage system
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Srinagar: Residents of Mustafabad Sector 2nd (Kaluena) Lane No. 3 at Zainakote area here have expressed resentment over lack of drainage system in the area.

A group of residents said that houses in the Transformer Lane are facing tremendous problems due to non-availability of drainage system

They said the Drainage Division of SMC had laid drainage network during 2018-19. “However, the drainage system was laid only in the main lane and a few bye-lanes. The drainage system was connected with the existing drainage system via Gazalia Abad out of the District Funds and a few bye-lanes were left out as the Executive Engineer concerned could not complete the already approved drainage network,” they said.

“Since then, we have been approaching every office for completion of the drainage network without any fruitful results. Only assurances are being given but on ground nothing has been done. The case for authorizing the Drainage Division was sent to Commissioner SMC in January, 2019 but the Estimate/Plan meeting being chaired by Mayor never met and the case remained in files only,” they said.

Elaborating they said the Drainage Division has now initiated execution of laying of drainage network in a few lanes. “Ironically the Transformer Lane has again been left out for the reasons not known. Although the residents approached the office of the Executive Engineer and Superintending Engineer concerned. They have now again reportedly forwarded various such cases to Commissioner SMC for approval of the work for which funds are available with them that includes the demand for an amount for our lane amounting to Rs.33.32 Lakhs. The estimate of the lane in question has always remained in the top of the list but for some unknown reasons, this lane is being time and again left out,” they said.

“We make a fervent appeal to the Mayor, SMC and Commissioner SMC to address the issue on priority and direct the concerned Engineering Division to take up the execution of the work of the said lane as well. We are facing tremendous hardships and if it rains, the residents have to tread into muddy waters and it become difficult for old aged residents and children to move out,” they said.

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