‘Don’t install additional transformer in our locality’

Umer Colony Wanbal residents appeal PDD
‘Don’t install additional transformer in our locality’
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Srinagar: Welfare Committee Umer Colony Wanbal Rawalpora here Thursday appealed PDD authorities not to install any other PDD transformer in the locality.

In a statement signed by various executive members of the committee and local residents, said that a fresh transformer was recently installed in the locality which is sufficient as of now to cater the smooth power supply. "We the residents of Umer Colony Wanabal Rawalpora submit that a new transformer was Installed of 250KW capacity in 2015 in our colony .There are less than forty households who are getting electricity supply from the transformer and there is no problem of any kind in the voltage," reads handout. It added that “some persons of our locality have manipulated and misused the letter head of the committee (Umer Colony) and approached to authorities for the allotment of one more transformer which is not required at all.”

"It is also submitted that the main pathway of the colony is not more than 10 feet in width and surrounded by houses from the both sides. In case the new transformer is installed in the colony, the high voltage line for this purpose will be fatal and dangerous for both the human beings and the property," it reads. "We therefore, request you that no second transformer be installed in the colony as we are strongly oppose the same. Besides, it also will be the wastage of public funds. The transformer may be used somewhere else where it is needed," it adds.

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