Implementation of SWMR yet to start in Srinagar

Hampers segregation of waste at source
Implementation of SWMR yet to start in Srinagar
Garbage dumped on road in Srinagar.Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: With Srinagar city generating nearly 450 metric tonnes solid waste daily, the authorities have failed to check the menace notwithstanding the financial assistance available from the union government for implementation of the Solid Waste Management Rules (SWMR).

The waste is stored at Achan the only dumping site in Srinagar city.

According to experts, due to ever-increasing population and urbanization, the waste management has emerged as a huge challenge in Srinagar.

However, according to them, the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has failed to implement the 'Solid Waste Management Rules' (SWMR) in letter and spirit. SWMR is aimed to dispose of the bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste on scientific lines.

Under SWMR, segregation of waste at source has been declared important process as it solves half the city's problem of waste management.

"The fact remains the SMC has also failed to procure adequate men and machinery for scientific disposal of solid waste through segregation, collection, treatment and disposal of waste," experts said.

Sources said the SMC has just around 120 hoppers against the need of round 600 to collect and transport segregated waste from municipal wards.

Each municipal ward must have at least two hoppers, one to transport degradable waste and another for non-biodegradable.

In 2017, a pilot project was started in few municipal wards and people were educated about the segregation of waste at source. Since then, SMC has claimed of starting same pilot projects in following years.

“SMC is making mockery of solid waste management rules by repeating same pilot project every year. They don’t find any year to move ahead from so-called pilot projects,’ said a group of Srinagar city.

Few years ago SMC provided two colour coated dustbins, one each for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. "However, the sorry state of affairs is that in absence of hoppers, the SMC officials mix the segregated waste by throwing it in same hopper for transportation," said residents.

Similarly, services of some NGOs were hired as information, education and communication partners to spread awareness among masses in municipal wards about the waste and its issues. Later, within after few months, the campaign was suspended in most of the wards.

SMC Commissioner AamirAthar said that efforts are on to get hundred percent results under SWMR.

“The rules regarding disposal of poultry waste, construction work, bio-medical waste are being in letter and spirit. We are taking measures to implement all rules of SWM,” he said.

He added that a process to procure more 200 hoppers have been initiated for effective implementation of waste rules.

“Some NGOs, SMC media unit and respective wards are educating people about SWMR and its importance,” he said while replying to a query.

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