Lack of footbridge outside Children’s Hospital endangers patients, attendants

Srinagar: Absence of a much-needed overhead footbridge outside the Children’s Hospital in Bemina has raised serious safety concerns, putting the lives of children and their attendants at risk.

The poor road signage and fast-moving traffic creates problems for pedestrians. The road has become a hotspot for potential accidents. In absence of a zebra crossing or signal, the visitors are left with no option but to hastily cross the busy road.


Attendants of the patients told Greater Kashmir that they have raised their concerns many times but to no avail.

“It is injustice with the ailing paediatric patients and their families who want immediate medical treatment. Due to traveling extra miles and unsafe roads, we face difficulties, ” said Zahoor Ahmad, an attendant.

Another attendant said that lack of a safe crossing point is especially challenging for families with children requiring urgent medical attention.

“In case of emergencies like critical illnesses or accidents, every minute is important. Without a proper footbridge or a secure crossing, patients face unnecessary delays in accessing life-saving treatment, which could potentially lead to tragic outcomes,” said Afaq Ahmad , an attendant.

They said the local authorities and the hospital administration are doing nothing despite increasing pressure to prioritise the installation of a pedestrian bridge to alleviate the grave safety risks faced by children, attendants, who need to access the Children’s Hospital in Bemina.

In March, two persons died after being hit by an ambulance near the Children’s Hospital at Bemina. In the same month, an elderly lady was killed after being hit by an unknown biker outside the hospital.

According to the officials they have already sent a representation highlighting the urgent need for an overhead bridge near the hospital.

However, Chief Engineer, R&B department, Rafiq Ahmad told Greater Kashmir that the road outside the children hospital is a highway and they need to follow the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways guidelines.

Earlier, Secretary, Health and Medical Education Department, Bhupinder Kumar also said that a footbridge near Children’s Hospital Bemina would be constructed soon to prevent accidents.

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