Standard Operation Programme

“When Soldiers are let lose with draconian laws, when uniforms are equipped with explosives and lethal weapons, when behaviors are tamed & dictated, how can you expect Maximum Restrain”
Standard Operation Programme
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"When Soldiers are let lose with draconian laws, when uniforms are equipped with explosives and lethal weapons, when behaviors are tamed & dictated, how can you expect Maximum Restrain" 

Psychologists (like Freud and Rogers) believe that human behavior is assiduously driven by human instincts. These instincts push us to feel, think, behave in certain ways thus, are energetic forces in constituting our personalities. If these instincts find conformity in society or environment around us, one can be contented with, but a conflict can arise if the environment around is intolerant or incompatible to our instincts. These instincts help our social psychological make up and thus, each one of us makes sense of events, ideas, behaviors, with which they interact and exchange. From these interactions one smells from the distance what world is going through. Not to talk of social thinkers and political experts, even a lay man's look on the present picture is not encouraging and worthwhile. Plunging into an environment that we deal with, paradoxically, World as a whole seems in political turmoil coupled with boiling socio-economic unevenness. Countries, communities and societies have got trapped into the flames of 'Silent-Stagnant War'. Silently, these conditions are indoctrinating a different social psyche with anger, frustration, anxiety, etc. at its peak. This depressing climate radiating sweltering fear is more callously getting reflected in every nook and corner of the world.  Every single soul is trapped in both dissent and dissension. In the name of democracy countries have let lose war mongers every where with wild appetite. Immoral justification for war/conflict and negative peace is on prowl. Laws like, 'Just in bello' set of laws to reveal how war is fought are lightly taxed and 'Just ad bellum", laws for states to refrain from war on the ground of mannered evidences or immoral justifications are taxed with lifetime imprisonment. This foggy atmosphere in the world is partly due to the "Transactional Leaders" who implement blindly and govern or deliver with in the mere status quo. They muster no courage/attentiveness at all to change the setup. They give no room to "Transformational Leadership" which is cultivating higher values, morality (Common Sense plus Good Sense) in both leaders and led. In the former there is compunction and commotion and in later outcomes exceed expectations. Unfortunately every country today is occupied with fear. From hyper power America to nascent South Sudan, all are rippling in chaos in one way or the other. States have made situations very explosive and they are bound to burst with fear. They are taming men with only unstoppable mindset, to kill illogically and immorally. American War on Terror is biased or unjustified and so their unwarranted interventions in the internal affairs of the other countries. If terror is to perpetuate against persuasion or consent, if militarism prioritized over development, insecurity over security and paranoid over faith, it is obviously going to hurt you back, to what scholars call "Blow Back", a kind of American insecurity for Americans hanging always around them 24×7. Not to talk of America, China, France, Germany, Russia and many more are facing the sizzling fear, the fear of the instability. It is fear which is flowing from every where to anywhere…It is, according to Bauman "Liquid Fear" which is staying not at one place but diffusing and diffusing…tirelessly and timelessly beyond borders and beyond spaces. This fear is eroding the very corner stones of countries silently but strongly; and leaving them all deserted with poor mentality to alter or to improve. We for a minute or second pretend to be good but proves a public or political stunt. The more we pretend to be democratic the more we go off the road to disseminate those values, the more we stand cruel to use state forces or laws to defeat so called evil designs, the greater they meddle with pedal to create chaos. We are deliberately walking on a minefield where we can blow into pieces at any time, you never know.  It seems from this fear that power for doing good or welfare has got eclipsed with what is called "Imperial Overstretch" i.e, a nothing less than ones countries domination. Uncertainties and restlessness is emphatically visible and states are not familiar with rule, "Don't go into something unless you know how to get out of it". Rotten policies and wrong choices are paying us in the long run. If such is the interior and exterior frame of our state how can you and others be expected with 'Maximum Restrain'. 

This is not workable any more as states have tamed "Grand Monsters" ruthlessly engaged in brute laws, lethal weapons adopted with 'Free Fire Policy', directed to kill who so ever be in their range, there is no maximum restrain…. all they need to do is to terrorize or create fear….this fear is radiating from your zones (states) and it is not going to give you bed of roses. This reminds me of the desperation that roamed relentlessly in most of the minds in United States, once they faced Ho-chi-Min or his revolutionaries in Vietnam in Tet-Offensive in 1968. Americans used the then "Napalm" a deadly bomb notoriously known to consume human lives with no clemency. The Americans were aimed to quell Vietnamese but they pounced on Americans like vultures. For the first time the decent American society as a whole got caught in melancholies, because in Vietnam war they sabotaged their reputation as being torch bearers of democracy. They found their psyche enslaved to unlivable ugliest fear which was persistent and prolonged. From Lyndon Johnson to Nixon all seemed at loss to find an honored escape from baking heat of Vietnam…What was noteworthy about this was that it put to crises American society and fissured/feared screams erupted from every American. They ceased to be with options to rescue from this heat….this was fear as they were no where to plan a better strategy to come victorious, as is being shown later by "Pentagon Documents of 1971".  

India in general and Kashmir situation in particular is no different here. Laws like AFSPA are making environment quite suffocated and unlikable. The J&K government and even Delhi is currently soothing Kashmiri people by voices like Maximum Restrain or SOP. Clearly the idea is to reign in the so called 'violence', but it is not working for them at all for obvious reasons; because the men in uniform are in bee line to depredate every human solace. Bullets and pellets are making most of the rounds taking lives. Their actions are directed to create fear. There is no 'maximum restrain' as it seems that state has given license to their so called peace keeping force to engage in brutal killings in the very broad day light. The Indian politicians are moving haplessly on a hot tin from one end to other with fear, i.e, Srinagar to Delhi and vice versa. They look all in hurry to douse the flames they are trapped in. To beat the heat Kashmir leadership equally are making their presence felt in lowly effected areas like Ganderbal, Budgam, Baramlla as political stunt. Their visits and their speeches are random, beating the bush, knowing nothing about the situations and remedies there of. They are proving Machiavellian to see wind blowing to their side. There is no 'maximum restrain'. If soldiers are equipped unlawfully and policies are rotten, if behaviors are violent and leaders mostly dictated, and above if soldiers are loaded with lethal weapons and explosives, how can you calm human instincts and how can you expect others to be with "Maximum Restrain". These are mere and mere seeds of dissension that will tarnish societies or states more and be another bad chapter in the pages of history.    

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