Dogras have shown big heart: Altaf Bukhari

Former PDP State Secretary Ravi Bali along with dozens of his supporters join AP
Apni Party President, Syed Altaf Bukhari
Apni Party President, Syed Altaf BukhariFile

Jammu: Apni Party President Syed Muhammed Altaf Bukhari on Saturday said that the Dogras have shown their big hearts towards the migrants and displaced people from Kashmir, Chenab Valley and Pirpanjal by accommodating and sharing resources with them.

“How can we forget Jammu’s brotherhood, hospitality and accommodating attitude towards the people who got displaced from their native places from parts of Kashmir, Chenab Valley, and Pirpanjal during the peak of terrorism in 90s,” said Altaf Bukhari while addressing a joining programme which was organised by Youth Wing Provincial President Jammu, Vipul Bali.

On this occasion, former State Secretary PDP Ravi Bali alongwith dozens of his supporters joined Apni Party in presence of Altaf Bukhari and other senior leaders. Bukhari welcomed him into the party fold and hoped that his joining would strengthen the party.

“Jammu is a city where Dogras have a big heart. They showed their hospitality and helped the Migrant Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Muslims, people from Doda, Kishtwar, Rajouri, and Poonch Districts who had to abandon their homes and escape to live a peaceful life in Jammu. I express my gratitude towards the people of Jammu who shared their resources with the migrants/displaced persons from various areas,” he said.

He said that people from different faiths live in peace with each other and share grief and happiness together without any communal tension for the last many decades.

Apni Party  President that “Jammu is a symbol of unity, and equal opportunities where people respect each other and there is no place for hate.” He said that the Apni Party also believes that the people should live together and all the regions should be treated equally.

Meanwhile, he said that the people of both the Regions have suffered in absence of an elected Government and there is dire need to hold assembly elections in J&K as early as possible.

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