Happiness Savant Yogesh Kocher interacts with Aryans Students

Happiness Savant Yogesh Kocher interacts with Aryans Students
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Srinagar: To assess the social and emotional well being along with academics of students, a workshop on “Take control of your happiness” held at Aryans Group of Colleges, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh.

Internationally renowned happiness savant & Microsoft expert, Yogesh Kocher interacted virtually with Aryans students including Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Education, Management, Agriculture etc. Dr Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group presided over.

Yogesh Kochhar while addressing said that there are those who take control of their life and there are those who are life’s victims. Which do you want to be? If you are relying on anyone or anything else for your happiness, stop that right now.

Kochar further explained that there are 6 ways to create and control your own happiness i.e. Find your own happiness, Make a change, evaluate yourself, Stop comparing, Design your life. If you’ve already assessed and addressed your own weaknesses, what can anyone else’s opinion matter?! Get comfortable with your strengths. Don’t rely on others to point out your shortcomings.

Dr Kataria highlighted that your happiness cannot come from the outside world. It must come from within you. Only you have the power and inclination to control your own happiness. No external factors should penetrate your inner core. No one can make you feel anything you don't want to feel, it's all a choice, Kataria stressed.

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