‘Joint efforts of Gram Panchayats, Social Forestry leading towards creation of green assets in rural areas’

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Srinagar: The shared endeavors of Social Forestry Department and Gram Panchayats has substantially proved of huge assistance towards creation of green assets in rural pockets of Jammu and Kashmir.

Pertinently, Jammu and Kashmir government, after successfully establishing three tier Pancahyati Raj system in the Union Territory, devolved powers and responsibilities with respect to various departments, which marked the beginning of collaborated working between Department of Social Forestry and Gram Panchayats.

Vacant community/state lands under the control of Gram Panchayats are being utilized for taking up plantations which are being maintained by Village Panchayat Plantation Committees (VPPCs).

Various successful plantation units have been established in Gram Panchayats during past 4 years under new decentralized working set up.

“The plantation assets are yielding benefits to local people in the farm of Grass and leaf fodder, fuel wood and small timber on equitable basis which is catalyzing the economic well being of rural people”, stated Nazir Benazir, member of J&K Executive Committee, CAMPA. The Executive Committee sanctions and monitors various afforestation activities being funded under CAMPA in Jammu and Kashmir.

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