Time for Kashmiris to rise against Pakistan, its proxies: Rana

Time for Kashmiris to rise against Pakistan, its proxies: Rana
Devender Singh RanaFile/ GK

Jammu: Stating that enough was enough, senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana on Tuesday observed that selective killings were acts of terrorism aimed at creating disharmony.

He added that the people of Kashmir, particularly the civil society, must come out “strongly and openly against Pakistan and her proxies, responsible for such dastardly killings.”

In a statement, Rana hoped the people of Kashmir would come forward to restore the pristine glory of the Valley that received a huge dent by the alien gun culture over the past three decades.

He strongly condemned the yet another barbaric killing of a school teacher in Chawalgam area of the Kulgam district by terrorists and said, “The inhuman act speaks of a sinister campaign to create fear psychosis, instability and discord between the communities in order to keep the Valley boiling. This is an attempt to scuttle the process of normalisation that has resulted in a fillip to economic activities in the Valley in recent times.”

He said this was an “uncomfortable situation for Pakistan and its lackeys, who were desperate to reverse the positives achieved by the security forces with the cooperation of the people.”

“The enemies of peace are, therefore, working overtime to revert back the Valley to the dark tunnel again that has already undergone colossal damage to its culture, heritage and way of life of the people, who essentially believe in amity and brotherhood,” Rana said.

He also decried the attempts of “creating alibis and providing cover fire to the perpetrators of lunatic violence by disgruntled elements in terms of raking up non-issues like talks with Pakistan etc to further their political agenda.”

“In their nefarious pursuit, they are causing much harm to Kashmir peace and normalcy,” Rana said and hoped the people would see through their game plan and unequivocally raise their voice against terror ecosystem.

“Was the crime of Rajni Bala to educate young children so grave and unpardonable to warrant bullets in the chest,” Rana asked, adding that the people would not tolerate such an abuse to their glorious heritage, known the world over. He said that the terrorism had no place in the civilized society and exuded confidence that ultimately “the monster of terror would eat up the vitals of its mentor.”

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