Stay calm, stay safe

Maintaining a sound mental health in the pandemic times is a much needed task

Ever since this virus surfaced up and devastated routine, life is never the same. Its effects have travelled to every facet of one's life. From individual to global, everything that is related to human activity has suffered significantly because of this pandemic. Name any dimension of life, and you find it impacted adversely. One area that is now discussed with full attention is the family atmosphere. Never before, in our lifetime, we have experienced people remaining confined to homes for such a long time.

The disruption in the societal relationships has been unimaginable. In the beginning it was felt that it brought families together and infused new life into the relationships. In this world of damning speed, and over busy work schedule, this was a godsend. But as it prolonged its downside revealed, creating problem in families.

The tense and toxic atmosphere in families resulted into many mental illnesses. That was one reason, as explained by clinical psychologists or practicing psychiatrists, we had more cases of domestic violence coming to fore during this period. Similarly more cases of child abuse have been reported. Now, alongside treating the disease, experts are advising to maintain a calm and peaceful atmosphere in families so that this stress can be better managed.

At a time when children are confined to homes, and parents are facing financial troubles, mental illnesses are bound to increase. In a traditional society like Kashmir, it falls upon the elders in, and around a family to play the role of a healer. The wealth of experience that the elders are, they can create an atmosphere that is healthy, and relieving. At the same time the experts in the filed need to consistently upgrade our knowledge about how to deal with stress, and how to manage relations within family, in a stressful condition. If we fail to manage this stress now, we might have to face a different kind of a pandemic in future.

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