Stray animals hamper vehicular, pedestrian movement in Srinagar
Photo: Mubashir Khan/GK

Stray animals hamper vehicular, pedestrian movement in Srinagar

Srinagar, June 18: Residents of several areas have complained about the growing number of stray animals in their localities, saying these pose risk to them.

Residents from Bemina area said the increasing population of stray animals including cows, horses and dogs hamper vehicular and pedestrian movement.

Residents of Qamarwari said that stray animals stand in the middle of roads, bringing entire traffic to halt at times.

"Some four to six animals keep roaming in this locality throughout the day. Sometimes they herd together and prowl here and there in search of food," they said.

Residents of Jahawar Nagar also echoed similar complaints.

"The problem is growing with each passing day. The authorities seem to have run out of the options to address this menace," said Abid Ahmad, a daily commuter at Jawahar Nagar.

In some city areas, people complained that stray animals even enter premises of their houses.

"Fear has gripped children of our locality due to the presence of these stray animals," said a resident of Natipora.

He said the stray dogs not only impede vehicular movement on the roads but also pose threat to the locals and commuters.

“The menace of stray dogs and horses is increasing alarmingly in the city. Incidents of animals attacking residents in different areas have also seen steep rise in recent times,” locals of Srinagar complained.

Official data reveals that from 2004, around 68,000 cases of dog bites have been registered at Anti-Rabies Clinic at SMHS Hospital.

As per the data, between April 2019 and February 2020, at least 6,319 dog bite cases were registered at the Clinic of which 3,975 were from Srinagar alone.

In 2020, the dog bite cases shows a decline due to COVID19 restrictions imposed which made people to stay indoors.

Dr Javaid Ahmad Rather, Municipal Veterinary Officer said that SMC has taken ample of measures that are in action about stray dogs.

“Regarding other stray animals, they are being lifted and owners of these animals are penalized under rules while abandoned animals are being shifted to cattle pound,” he said while replying to a query.

“In past two months, we have recovered around Rs 2 lakh fine from the owners of stray animals,” he added.

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