The art of producing a text

The art of producing a text is an affirming act, it pairs thought and identity in the conscious act of writing.
The art of producing a text
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Writer, creator, dreamer, collector, and lover of the nature. I wake every morning with a curiosity that is fed by nature. I feel color and see sound. I approach life with a smile and open heart. I believe that kindness is the greatest gift anyone could ever give or receive. I never wait for perfection, I made things perfect.

Writing is an act of performance, a notion which is actively endorsed. The art of producing a text is an affirming act, it pairs thought and identity in the conscious act of writing.

Mahnoor, written by Sehar Lone. Sehar Lone had already described the book. Being an Editor of Mahnoor I would like to add more to it. Mahnoor is dedicated to admirable girls and women because it's an initiative for the education of every girl child. It needs the courage to stand for a cause and we did it. Education is very important for every child whether boy or girl. Being a girl, I want to be a part of the world where girls are literate and treated with respect. It's an urgent requirement in society today to change mindset towards girls and women. She has the right to survive, develop, be protected and participate in decisions that impact her life. We should pledge that every girl children get access to quality education because:

"You educate a man; You educate a man.

You educate a woman; You educate a generation."

-Brigham Young

My dearest friend aspired and God chose me to gift happiness to him. He deserves to twinkle, he is a star, who indulged me to forge a galaxy "Mahnoor".

I got an invitation to the book launch of Mahnoor first in summer 2017 and then in winter, I got the chance to edit the same. Hilarious, whenever I get the flashbacks of the same.

One day, during summer 2017 he said, Farah there is a book on feminism, which will be launched soon, you are invited. And now it was the same book which I had to edit. My Goodness! It was 10th December he asked Farah, can you edit a Novella Mahnoor. I said I would love to do it as it is a big thing to work on and for you too dearest friend (Real is Rare).

On 11th December at 11:01 pm, I got an email from my friend Mahnoor. The journey of editing began from the same day. I start reading, I finished the first chapter and went to sleep. On the second day, I thought I should take help of my another friend Muniza Kanth, my inspiration regarding literature. I knew that together we could make it the priceless Diamond. Before our editing, one of the poems of Mahnoor was edited by Mehak Wani, a young writer, and poetess, who expresses herself on Instagram by the name agelessdreams. It took us more than three months to edit Mahnoor. We started with a book overview. We always had a busy schedule for the day but whenever we had time during the day we used to conversate on phone. But the majority of editing was done during the night when people were sleeping. Every time I, Muniza Kanth and My Dearest Friend  used to conversate on a mobile phone, Gmail, Skype and on landlines too. Thanks to technology. All the time it was me who had to conversate with both of them. One day I and Muniza conversate for 112 mins 29 sec without disconnection and call started at 10:50 pm. Some days we didn't sleep the whole night because we were desperately working to see the book launch of Mahnoor, Mahnoor in hands of readers. We had treasured Mahnoor with sleepless nights, efforts, loads of love, our friendship and so much more.

"Deeper in Mahnoor,

There is a fragrance waiting to burst.

A fragrance of Love,

A fragrance of Care,

A fragrance of Innocence,

A fragrance of Patience.

Let it spread!

When it spreads, it travels deeper into your soul…

-Farah Deeba

Even apart from editing, he trusted me that much it was me who talked to Kathy Lorenzo, Partridge Publishing Associate regarding the publishing of the same.

I would like to thank whole Mahnoor Team, people who helped us, encouraged us, my friends, my dearest students, entire Meer family, and My Dearest Baba who encouraged our work through his presence on Mahnoor's Launch at PARSA'S on 12th August 2018.

At last, for the dearest readers of Mahnoor,

"Mahnoor don't just go with you,

Mahnoor takes you where you've never been."

-Farah Deeba

Editor of Mahnoor, is M.Sc. Biotechnology from Kashmir University. Presently working as Operations Executive in Study Metro.

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