The legislative separatism

The grants on education were met by opposition''s walkout with dispirited school children in gallery and an enthusiast minister but no one from opposition except independent lawmaker
The legislative separatism

When Kashmir is back to normalcy after a five month long agitation, the legislative proceedings are creating ruckus. In the legislature what we call as "house" there is mood, there is humour, there is temper among legislators but seldom do I find anyone who would deliberate on issues of public importance and that is what pinches a common man. The proceedings have become more of  a political skirmish than an act of welfare.

Each day the session begins on a stormy note where the current day business is disrupted for arriving at an unfinished debate of yesterday. The legislators are seen hurling disrespectful and scornful remarks at each other. Sometimes it gets even worse when when fully immune legislators from defamation laws, take it personal. The rhetoric has become to make it a comparative analysis of a government in tenure and leaving aside the matters that need immediate attention. At times the government evades responsibility citing that its failure is far lesser than its predecessor and at times the opposition prefers to walk out, leaving no room for a meaningful debate.

Eventually all of it calls upon the tax payers' money and erodes the sanctity of a democratic institution. The voter who is kept awake by his leader till late nights during elections, expects his leader to show equal vigor in fighting for his cause by deliberating, differing and educating the treasury. He has an unrealized dream to see consensus in house as there is on grants of pay hikes of lawmakers. The legislative separatism has taken toll on all our principal issues.

The grants on education were met by opposition's walkout with dispirited school children in gallery and an enthusiast minister but no one from opposition except independent lawmaker Er.Rashid, to contribute to the key sector. Engineer who is known for being vociferous had a lot to say that day. Besides giving his suggestions on improvement of education sector in the valley, he was a proud father who admitted his son to a government school from a private school. Sharing narratives of his academic excellence he was more happy to share that his domestic help's son had outshone his son in board exams and they both studied in the same school. Kashmir at this politically vulnerable stage needs a system that can turn aspirations into actions. If the incumbent government has the crown of walkouts in last Assembly, this opposition can be politically mature and sensitive to learn from their mistakes and vice versa.

Tailpiece : There is a need to heal wounds, address issues of justice and in all this we cannot afford an orchestrated budget session where political parties take jibes at each other and the public remains disheartened before their television sets.

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