The Mysterious Government Makers

Is it just the matter of handling Kashmir in a unique way that the two parties with unflinchingly antagonistic ideals, shook hands with each other.
The Mysterious Government Makers
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Is it just the matter of handling Kashmir in a unique way that the two parties with unflinchingly antagonistic ideals, shook hands with each other. To look at the things in greater perspective, a facade of events that unfolded after the  2008 government formation in which National Conference clubbed with Congress, after Congress having been broken away from PDP without completing its tenure, would give an idea of how the clubbing and de-clubbing is decided by some mysterious forces but the parties that join hands when it comes to Jammu & Kashmir. The most unnatural alliance of PDP and BJP is again something that baffles the common understanding of normal politics and political dispensations. 

The National Conference, after 1996 elections, facilitated a major U-turn to the events that had beleaguered Kashmir after sudden sprouts of tumultuous upheavals between 1989 and 1996. The times were such that nobody would have expected any mainstream party to foray into troubled waters and take the reins of a mad horse. But National Conference, impulsive as always, recklessly agreed to the idea, unaware of the intricate web of policies of which they happened to be a metal cog meant to be used and thrown away. When the party was used to the hilt in their six years tenure during which a sizable population was befriended with 'carrot and stick', placed in the hands of National Conference government, the grip on Kashmir was reassured to a firm extent and National Conference, with a threat of becoming popular, was wound up and trashed out. Some classified matters were made public which were actually the part of the bigger framework and had played its role to bring the graph of militancy down, were planted to the cap of National Conference. The bigger players kept National Conference at bay despite sizable seats to their kitty in 2002 and another stick with the green turban was projected to the screen. This flip by the masters skillfully replaced the 'used' and 'rugged' metal cog of 1996 with the fresh 'alloy cog', again unaware of the bigger policy framework. 

With the change in guard after three years, the Peoples Democratic Party was relegated to the back chairs and the Kashmir policy makers erred in designing the new web for their self praising smirks undermining the invisible under currents that they thought had died out. Came the agitation of 2008, and the policy makers were caught in awe, the new  unceremonious twist to the story. This led to going back to the successful policy embarked upon in 1996. Again the need of National Conference was felt but this time with new salt required to be sprinkled into the curry. This salt was used through none but the Congress. And a new combination was carved out leading to the formation of government staged to run the affairs for six long years. The stooges in the Congress were precisely and delicately manipulated to demolish the National Conference over the period of six years. In the process, however, Congress  uncannily alongside damaged its own fabric in the process.  This time over, though, the policies were different with different connotations. Things settled and reached the stage where National Conference became manifestly redundant as per the plans laid down in 2008. Now Congress and Peoples Democratic Party was the new combination as had been done in 2002, but the flux at the national level had turned against the Congress and the new face that had emerged at the national level was too complex to be handled. 'Kashmir', being one single word that turn the tempers at the national level and becomes the agenda of Patriotism, did not take hard efforts to the policy makers to convince Bhartiya Janta Party to knot ties with the ideologically antagonistic Peoples Democratic Party. And a new callous number sequence suddenly turned into an option for the People Democratic Party who outnumbered others in the elections with the passions they fanned against Bhartiya Janta Party and gathered tacit support from the fringe elements too to keep Bhartiya Janta Party at bay. 

New faces emerged, uncanny  permutations surfaced with this unexpected alliance. Peoples Democratic Party enveloped the important portfolios. Old guards of the party were swayed to the periphery. With the meek postures of Bhartiya Janta Party who otherwise had strong position at the center and leaving all its armory unused while bargaining with the Peoples Democratic party during the negotiation times insinuate to something of unhealthy compromises they were making for some long term policy gains. Even Article 370, plank on which they gained the foot at National level, was left unattended. During the government formation, it seemed Bhartiya Janta Party was desperate to join hands with Peoples Democratic Party and was ready to shoulder every hammer without breathing out a sigh. The strings were surely being pulled by the big policy makers and Bhartiya Janta Party in its resolve of putting 'Nation first', allowed the air to flow to their disadvantage to the extent that the bargaining scale tilted against them.

Kashmir is not just an ordinary state after all, it is the place that is prime to the party interests. It is above the petty issues of winning or losing the election, holding the top slots or its influence to the party cadres. Kashmir is initially a point of prestige, a crown of the nation and a place which determines its supremacy over the neighbors. For them the party cadres, party affairs, party position, party philosophy all attain the secondary status when it is Kashmir. But for Kashmir centric parties, Nation, patriotism, people are secondary and the chair, party and money are the prime. And this is the weak link that has always been conveniently exploited by the Kashmir policy makers at the center to their advantage. Bhartiya Janta Party is not there to share the power, it is to demolish Peoples Democratic Party silently the way Congress demolished National Conference over the years. Tables would turn again, National Conference would gain the ground to the extent it would be allowed by the bosses handling from the centre and then again Peoples Democratic Party and this cycle would run the affairs of the state till the stage is reached where the whole of Jammu and Kashmir would be in their grip. No single party from Kashmir would be allowed to garner the ground that would make them ineffective. Division on many fronts, philosophies and artificially created schools of thoughts is what they thrive upon. One day suddenly, they will pull the string, the government will collapse and a new dispensation would be ready. But, for Peoples Democratic Party, alas, they would be faded out from the screen slowly first and brought to the lowest ebb to shut them away with the single stroke of the string. 

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