The New Reformed Jammu & Kashmir

There is a visible change in the mindset of people of Kashmir
The New Reformed Jammu & Kashmir

As the glorious country of India gears up to celebrate the 71st Republic Day this year – there is a lot to rejoice about the progress that was made in terms of bringing Kashmir to the mainstream of Indian government policies. The Abrogation of Article 370 in the year 2019 revoked the 'Special Status' given to the state of Jammu & Kashmir and as a direct impact the overall security situation in Kashmir did improve manifolds.            

Some of the visible impact of the abrogation of the Article 370 & 35 is that the separatists were separated from the innocent public of Kashmir. While they were sent to jail and kept under check, they could not influence and sway the sentiment of the people of Kashmir towards being negative. The key separatists' group, the Hurriyat Conference had to suffer a great setback as its supremo Syed Ali Shah Geelani distanced himself from the Hurriyat Conference which itself is a testimony to the fact that radicalism was losing ground and was getting weakened.

 The important step taken for the UT of Jammu & Kashmir by Modi Ji's able government has helped the people of Jammu and Kashmir see the various crimes that were committed by the political dynasts of Kashmir, which made all efforts of manipulating the public sentiment and swayed the innocent people of Kashmir towards anti-India sentiment. There is a visible change in the mindset of people of Kashmir now as post the abrogation of the Article 370, the people of Kashmir now feel very much a part of India and are now very proud to be Indians.     

According to the data shared by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, there is a drastic reduction in violent activities. There is a steep decline of 36% in the violent activities after the abrogation of Article 370.

It has also been witnessed that there is a 40% reduction in the number of youths getting strayed and joining the militant outfits post the state of Jammu & Kashmir was brought into the mainstream after the abrogation of Article 370.

Another aspect that came to the light and was seen vividly by the people of Kashmir was the inflated views about the concept of "Azadi". In the wake of this concept of so called "Independence" the local people were robbed of a normal life and the paradise on earth – Kashmir was marred with years of insurgence and political instability.       

Article 370 and 35A served as comfort zones for separatists and Pakistan which aided them to exploit the people of Kashmir and play with their sentiments behind the façade of the so-called concept of "Independence or Azadi".

The articles of 370 & 35A succeeded in separating Kashmir from the mainstream politics of India and they always functioned away from the laws of mainland of India and this strengthened Pakistan's efforts of raising proxy war against India by dint of Jammu & Kashmir.

Many deserving candidates of the State of Jammu & Kashmir were kept away from the benefits and the schemes run by the Government of India thereby, plunging the state of Jammu & Kashmir into a state of despair, unemployment and political instability. Therefore, the abrogation of these articles has put a stop to the malicious intent of neighboring countries where they wanted to wage a war against India by dint of insurgence.

The recent District Development Council (DDC) elections that were conducted in the UT of Jammu & Kashmir stand testimony to the fact that the people of Jammu & Kashmir have now accepted and welcomed the process of being an integral part of mainstream India. This showcases that the age-old issues of the UT of Jammu & Kashmir are being nullified and the tag of a "disturbed state" can slowly be shrugged away by positive steps and measures of the administration.

The able administration of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has shown the world that India is capable of taking care of her own problems and showed the world that we are mature enough to take tough and brave decisions for the betterment of our country. We have also shown the international community how we are concerned for our citizens and when it comes to the betterment of our citizens, we can take measures that ensure we hold our head high and make progress wherein everyone feels involved.

The same can be witnessed in the efforts made by the LG Manoj Sinha who has ensured that he builds a strong team of bureaucrats who can help the LG execute his strategy & plan at the ground level.

He has been working tirelessly to put the state of Jammu & Kashmir on the pedestal of success and prosperity. He is now working with a single-minded focus of ensuring that his team constitutes of dynamic bureaucrats who will be able to take the execution of his strategic and visionary plans for the UT of Jammu & Kashmir towards success.           

Even in the face of the pandemic, the efforts made by PM Narendra Modi ji and his government has ensured that not only do the people of India get vaccinated quickly, but also, that we contribute to the world at large during these testing times. We are making a name & place of respect for ourselves in the world map by offering our help in the form of free vaccines to developing nations like Bangladesh and others.

Conclusively, it is great to see the dawn of Kashmir 2.0 wherein the foundation of a strong governance and prosperity has been laid down by the Government of India, our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji & our dynamic Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah.

Though this seemed like a far-fetched dream prior to 2019, the dynamism of our government has ensured that we are on the right path wherein the people of Jammu & Kashmir are very much involved as an integral part of India and can progress the same way as the other parts of India are striving towards.

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