The Right is right

The Right is right

Love it or hate it, but accept it anyway

The Right wing of India has stunned all. It's Modi again.Like it or not, but the verdict is loud and clear. A secular India is sweptaway by a wave unabashedly and uncompromisingly communal. Communal in letter,in spirit, in make and in operation as well. Comprehensively communal. We mayreject it in our imagination, but on the ground, this is the reality. Thebeauty of democracy is that you accept what you don't want to accept. Ideallywe have a right to nourish a free thought against a communal politics ofwhatsoever brand it may be, but practically we accept the mandate. (By the wayeven if we don't accept it, will that matter).

It's a paradox. On one hand a secular India is uniting oncommunal lines and on the other the purportedly communal people are being toldto uphold secularism as their creed. I am talking about ourselves. We the poor,weak and demonized Kashmiris are being sermonized to defeat fanatics and`prove' ourselves as custodians of a creed called secularism. Our performanceon the political front lies in our rejection of fanatic forces. We are beingpunished for `radicalizing' our politics. How much we display our `secular'selves, we need more to come up to the standard of secularism that appliesexclusively on us. Well, it's like Pope banning synagogues, Rabbis churches,Brahmins mosques and Imams temples.

We shouldn't respond bigotry with bigotry, but we mustunderstand the power of power. Saffron may not be colour of your choice, butwhen saffron speaks you have to listen. The BJP counts. Forget their past, talkof today. The foundations of power are not moral, they are rational. Morallyminority-haters, mob-lynchers, cow-vigilantes, love-jihadis can't claim to rulea country, but rationally they can't be denied the rule. The world doesn'toperate on emotions, it operates on logic. Cold logic. To the world outsideIndia is an industry, a market that symbolizes progress, emancipation,development and democracy. The trade other countries have with India define therest of their relationship with it. No matter whether the country is ruled bydyed-in-the-wool bigots, by uncivil, illiterate, right wing priests, monks orfundamentalists, as long as the business happens, the rest can be managed. Sothe world is at peace with them.

What is happening in India has happened elsewhere on theglobe. When Taliban rose to power, the world had a problem. When Alegeria and Egyptwitnessed an upsurge of ideological politics, it didn't go well with the West.No matter the parties were voted to power through peaceful and democraticmeans, but the very verdict was not accepted by the votaries of democracy. Howthe popular governments were targeted and sponsored regimes were thrust onpeople is a sad part of history. When Netanyahu congratulates `my friend' fordoing well, he violates no principal of democracy, but when he robs people oftheir democratic right, democracy dies.

The massive mandate Indian electorate has thrown has amassive message for us. Dethronements, coups, countercoups or militaryoperations are short-lived short cuts to power. The real route to paramountcygoes through people. Against this avalanche of power we will either be sweptout. But if we sit back and think we can gather bits, piece them togetherpeacefully, gracefully and with a hope that one day the world may listen to ourstory. It's a long journey of pain, perseverance and struggle. We want to makeit short overnight tryst with power.

It takes years and years to bake this cake.

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