The Secrets of Silence

We have achieved so much but there is no peace deep down in our hearts.

We, humans, are very ambitious even selfishfor our own comfort and prosperity. We have reached the pinnacle of success inalmost every area. We are proud and pleased to have conquered thechallenges. But that doesn't mean, enjoying luxurious of life and pursuingworldly affairs, are only goals of life. Sadly, all that jazz, has become ayardstick to define our well being. It, as a fact of life is only creatingambiguity. Life might have become so easy due to strides in technology butthere is no end to conflicts as well. We are no more peaceful as we have losttouch with our inner selves. Unfortunately it has thrown us out of whack.

We have achieved so much but there is nopeace deep down in our hearts. Its pushing us into the vicious circles of inneragitation and anxiety. We are becoming emotionally so dead that we hardly careabout our loved ones. We might have progressed on important aspects but most of us feel like as if some kind of pressure is holding us back and takingaway our peace of mind. Day by day we are becoming more impulsive andirritating due to the cacophony of streets and surroundings.

The world has now become one entity. It hasgiven the freedom to people to  know about one another through the socialmedia tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Due to its over obsession, ithas its own social side effects. Honestly speaking we are losing the humantouch to nourish and sustain the sincere relationships. We couldn't focus on asingle activity as our minds keep wandering to explore the insignificant andirrelevant things. There is no doubt social media is inevitable but it hasbecome the platform where we mostly fake and fool around.

Our knee jerk reactions have pushed us intoisolation where are deeply lost in our arrogance. We are deluded and distractedby the dramas of life. We indulge in moral turpitude and back stabbing. Nowboth homes and workplaces have become more like a political battlefield wherewe tirelessly try to prove our point and stick to the irrelevant logic andlanguage.

When words become swords, we tend to makeothers suffer more so that we can feel better. We hardly think  about ourcore values and virtues. The situation is more like our home is set on fire andwe are chasing the one who has done the crime. As a matter of fact, the more weafter him, the more difficult it becomes for us  to save our home. Inflash of seconds, it gets burnt down into ashes. We explode with expletives andharm own selves by the impetuous tongue. How can we be at peace when we rip andgut others. For sure, we are going to be consumed as well. Therefore the needof the hour is to relax, realize, rethink, and reflect on connecting themissing dots. Amid serious concerns, if we can discern and decipher the secretsof silence, we can unburden our souls and rediscover ourselves. The followinginsights will not help us to keep a tab on critical situations but it will helpus to have clear perspective about life.

Discover Inner Self
We might be familiar with the outside world but most of the time clueless about what lies inside us. Due to the lack of clarity we don't have an idea where we stand and what we strive for. We need to spend some quiet time with ourselves and peep inside. Like a  flower bud which is refreshed by the natural breeze, absorbs necessary elements and remains closed so as to nourish itself. Same way we have to remain quiet to understand our self awareness onion, the outer layer of which comprises of emotions like sometimes we feel happy, sometimes sad, sometimes frothing with angry etc. The next layer is  the consciousness  about 'why' do we feel  them(emotions).The core part deals with our morals, values, goals. Only in cherished quiet moments, we can rediscover and redirect ourselves.

Protection From Evil

If we can safeguard what lies between our lips and limbs, we are going to save ourselves from the hell fire. We consider bad mouthing as a real hoot and don't give a heed to the punishment for which we become liable in the hereafter. The main reason for many sins, is the explosive tongue. So we need to take care of it, otherwise whirlpool of sins will destroy and disgrace us everywhere.

Protection From Dangers
There is a saying, Every morning, tongue welcomes and greets all the parts of the body which in return make a humble submission to her to remain quiet and never say anything to anyone for which they have to pay a heavy price. So it's better to remain silent than to invite anyone's furry unnecessarily.

Protection From Fools
It is always advisable to stay away from the people who are arrogant, deadbeats, offensive, pretentious and psychopaths, as they  dwell in fools paradise. They are always looking for the chances to let you down before others and silence is the best reply to such a sick lot.

When we are accustomed to the same daily routine that's means down the line there is  something going wrong which is hindering our progress. We need to set a daily quiet time for us to reflect on what we have achieved in a day and learned from our failures as well. We can correct our mistakes and manners. Our daily analysis and introspection will help us to groom and grow ourselves.

Spiritual Connectivity
We have lost touch with our true selves because of the worldly ambitions. We have forgotten our Lord and are unable to liberate ourselves from self loathing. Even when we pray our mind doesn't stay focused on the divine aspects. We have to re-establish our relationship with our Lord,so that we can appreciate the miraculous existence of an amazing flower or quintessential faith.

Listen And Learn
When we make it a point to be a patient  listener, we infact help ourselves to learn from the perspectives of others. Morever they are encouraged to speak their heart out when we are attentive to their minute details. In the process we can create an ample space and trust to learn without any haste and hesitation.

Energy Optimization
Energy flows where attention goes. When we poke into the affairs of others, we not only spoil their happiness but also invite a trouble. At end we feel drained and distracted to do our own work. How come we will accomplish our goals without energy and enthusiasm. I bet, Silence is the best remedy which can rescue, renew, and recreate us.

Tail Piece
Most of us know and have experienced numerous benefits of the secrets of silence but for God fearing people, there comes a time when we cannot rely upon it and expect that miracles will happen for us. We  have to step forward and speak when there is an injustice. When someone is deprived of his rights. When women are harassed and humiliated. When innocents are beaten to death. When time again, opportunists are coming forward and trying to sell old cock and bull stories of healing touch.

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