The star and the controversy

Zaira has just started her journey in showbiz and though she is a known face now, how could her meeting with the victims of unrest heal their scars?
The star and the controversy
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"Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing and, being nothing".  Aristotle

Zaira Wasim, who is a part of the biggest grosser of Hindi cinema Dangal, stirred a controversy by posting an apology letter on social media and deleting it later on. The girl got all the support of netizens and the issue was discussed on national news channels and blown out of proportion. The poor little girl tried to make it clear that she was not forced by any one and requested not to make a mountain out of a molehill, but it was too late and media channels had got fodder for primetime debates. The circumstances which led this girl to post an apology letter must better be known to her and trolling on social media was thought to be the driving force behind it, after her meeting with the Chief Minister of the state. The little star was blamed to be insensitive to the recent unrest in valley which claimed many precious lives, and though she had any hand in it, but unfortunately her meeting with the head of a state stirred a controversy. 

Zaira has just started her journey in showbiz and though she is a known face now, how could her meeting with the victims of unrest heal their scars?  Was she a big celebrity listed in Forbes magazine for fame and financial powers, we could have questioned her for not adopting any pellet victim. It is her destiny which landed her a role in one of the best inspiring movies about women empowerment. Many girls would have auditioned for the role and she got it merely on the basis of her merit. Many children in recent past have brought laurels to the state in sports and they too were felicitated by the politicians of the state and they were not criticized then. It is the responsibility of the state government to encourage these kids so that it inspires many to follow their footsteps. It is  Zaira's life and let her decide what she wants to do and no one has the right to force her opinion on her. She too was born here in turmoil, and like all of us her childhood has only bad memories of killings, spells of uncertainty and unrest and many more which no one would cherish. She has no control over the political situation in the region and should not be drawn into it. 

It is not surprising that she got trolled as biggest celebrities in all fields are not even spared. When you get fame, these things are bound to happen. The girl has made it clear that she is not a role model for any one and she may have got fame but is not mature enough to avoid reacting to criticism. The irony is that these issues which make no difference to a common man become the topics of debate on national media. The fact is that what is depicted on these news channels is not true at times. The girl in question here didn't get any life threat and was not warned by some group but only got trolled and she succumbed to the pressure. Media has to be tolerant at times to not give any importance to these trivial issues but it doesn't happen in this part of the world. 

This issue has again highlighted the divide that exists between two provinces of a state with politicians of these regions trying to get political gains out of this controversy. There is already a confrontation going on between the two coalition partners on the announcement of ex-gratia relief to the victims of unrest and this trolling issue will be debated in Assembly too but Zaira, who will be now seen in another movie on girl empowerment titled Secret Superstar, is a superstar which is no more a secret now. 

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