The world we’ll be stepping in

The world won’t be the same again. History will go round. History will go down.
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While nations across the globe continue their efforts tocontain the spread of Covid-19, mental health experts suggest that we can'tafford to lose sight of an equally alarming issue the impact of Covid-19pandemic on mental health. The virus is directly affecting the people whocontract it, but it is equally affecting the mental wellbeing of almost thebillions of people globally who don't directly contract the virus.

With all the changes happening as we overcome this pandemic,it's traumatic for one and all. We are still in a shock phase. The secondpandemic of the 21st century has led to the largest quarantine in humanhistory. The bustling cities have turned into ghost towns as millions are underlockdown. Experts are worried about what comes after the Covid-19 pandemic whenthe lockdown is lifted and people gradually get back to routine. They fear thatthere is going to be residual stress depression.

Post Covid-19 era, people are going to step in a differentworld. Everything about themselves—their personal, social and spiritual life,their businesses, and their workplaces—all may seem atypical and nobody knowshow realities are going to unfold. People will struggle accepting and adjustingto the situations wrought by the pandemic.

Perhaps, it may invoke various levels of responses fromdifferent people. For those who are socially hyper, too outgoing and more intomaterial world, the Post Covid-19 era is going to be a tough time. It hasalready raised unease and anguish scales in them. For people who are more intotheir private and family affairs, not too gregarious and worldly, lockdown to acertain level has not been frustrating for them. They exhibit some copingability to go with the tide while being patient and positive. Social distancinghas not distanced them from God, and it in a way endows them lot ofre-assurance and resilience.

And then, there is a colossal category of people who believein bottomless hedonism, come what may. They follow the motto—Babar ba AishKosh, ki Aalam Dubara Neest. The ad nauseam urge for pleasure-seeking andavarice is their worldview. Post Covid-19, many of their notions are going tobe tested alongside changing socio-economic paradigm.

For those facing illness, job loss, bankruptcy and thecomplete uprooting of everyday life, the coming times are going to stir up allsorts of harsh and harrowing feelings. Re-engaging with the post Covid-19 worldin new ways will be grueling for many such people and would entail risk factorsthat can lead to increasing rates of depression and anxiety.

Of course, time bears witness, time bears justice. We haveto integrate our past with our future, drawing from the present we are passingthrough. Today when we fear handshaking, and even our funerals are forbidden,we have to think about managing and curating our life, our grief and our losswith time. And it undeniably has to concur with our Faith in divine, insomething that controls our lives in ways beyond our comprehension. Mentaltranquility is indeed an outcome of this natural fact.

Bottomline: We are not prepared for the coming times. The world won't be the same again. History will go round. History will go down. We will see a new order that will impact not only our politics or economics but our mental health to a large extent. We will embark upon fixing the Earth with broken mind and vulnerable physical being. Our voices won't reach to us and our realities will be far complicated.

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