This obsession with technology

Frankly speaking, we are no longer humans
This obsession with technology

If the people who died before the advent of technology could come to life, they would be shocked to see our eyes directed to this small, rectangular thing called smart phone; majority of the time a day. Getting hardly anybody to talk to, they would curse the whole universe. Frankly speaking, we are no longer humans: we turn active when this goddamn phone of ours flashes, but it hardly matters when our dear ones dry their throats calling our names, wanting to have a word with us, or our surroundings (our nature) waiting to be touched, hugged & appreciated. All that matters is our pair of damaged eyes on our electronic devices. Rest in  rubbish can. How unfortunate!

Back few decades, we would use our minds & see where our responsibilities lie, but now we kill them before they take birth. We kill them & bury them & continue doing what has murdered our senses. We try to be smart texting with those we don't know anything about, and when it comes to the real world, our smartness falls flat. We kill time solving issues on screen that are no issues at all, and all the real issues in the real world remain unsolved. That's worst & that's what staying in a virtual world does to our minds. Making us too dull to recognise that it-giving us false sense of self-has separated us from the real world.

Our existence means nothing to this universe but trash scattered here and there. We never bother to think, much less dare to know, that it has only damages to offer us & nothing else other than that.

God knows what our future holds for us, but the more we keep the obsessions with technology at bay, the better for all of us.

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