Transferring RTS

There is no doubt that our teachers are fully capable of scaling the hurdles in their way, but what they need is support from the society.

This is in reference to the article published in GK (12.2.18) by Sofi Yousuf titled Do we need to transfer RRets. The writer has put forward his suggestions and apprehensions with regard to the transfer of RRets. The writer has succeeded in making his point with regard to the same issue. The writer is of the opinion that we must at least transfer RRets in the zone, which is a healthy suggestion.                                                                                          

For  any education policy, the child is and should be a paramount focus. We believe that the children are the greatest asset and resource of any society. For a child to compete in modern times, we, as a responsible society  must provide him the prerequisite of educational essentialism like the proper infrastructure, conducive classroom situation, a  sensitized and responsible  environment and quality teaching by quality teachers.                                                                               

With  the inception of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in our state in the year 2000  about forty five thousand  educated youth were engaged as Rehbari Taleem mostly in rural areas of J&K,with an aim  to upgrade and  bring on track the derailed and                                     

deteriorated education system in our state. These teachers were engaged mostly in Primary and Middle schools keeping in view the importance of primary and elementary education, but unfortunately he has been tied with a lifelong tag of Ret. There are instances where we as a civilized society address this category of teachers as Gaam Master. Is it not the one who has sacrificed  prime part of his life serving the poor children of our society, who miserably needed someone who could wake up these sleepy souls, given the situation around.Yes,there are certain  grey areas where they need to ponder on, but for God's sake let's  not look  at  the prism through a single angle. In the debate, about how to improve the educational standards, the role of teacher is paramount. By keeping a teacher stagnant at one post for decades together, especially at Primary and middle level, we are consciously or subconsciously damaging the future of the child. No doubt, we are leaving no stone unturned in providing quality education to an innocent child who doesn't know the whereabouts of his future, through a teacher who has been made stagnant at the same place for years together. Is it possible for a human being to keep the inquisitive approach intact while delivering the goods at the same place for decades together? Perhaps not. The much required concept of perennialism in education (education system which believes that we should teach evergreen and everlasting) never gets fulfilled once we adopt the policy of stagnation in teaching learning process.

This stagnation phenomenon adversely affects our budding future generation. Imagine the situation where our students face the same teacher for decades together, that too at the basic level where the learning instinct and emotions are high among the learners. There is no doubt that our teachers are fully capable of scaling the hurdles in their way, but what they need to be given is the energizer and support from the society. We need to understand the status of the teacher. Once that happens, half of our job is done. We need to expose our teacher to the rest of the society and arrange for him the iter-state and intra-state tours in order to expand his knowledge. By confining a teacher to a single place, for years together, we are actually confining and arresting his very soul. His stagnation at the same place traumatizes him both socially and psychologically. 

We can avoid this stagnation and let the fresh water seep in once we take some bold steps and think of an out of  box solution by framing a comprehensive and structured   transfer policy for our Rret. Transferring  him  at least within the zone, could surely prove beneficial both for the child and for the department.  As transfer undoubtedly cures incompatibilities (if any) favoritism, egocentrism and red-tape in an employee.

So, keeping in view the present scenario of our education system, transferring RRets  has become a necessary evil. Let's not forget that if  we  wish to see our education system prosper then we will have to water the roots of education  i.e. the primary and middle education and the human resource attached to it.     

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