Treat teachers with respect
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Treat teachers with respect

Our Kashmir is a trouble-torn region and during the recent hartals everybody has seen how difficult it was to attend ones duties; Most employs would travel inconspicuously without creating any suspicion even in the neighbor.

No man is above the law and no man is below it. Theodore Roosevelt 

Absolutely, no one is above the law. Not a politician, not a scientist, not a police officer, not a criminal. We are all accountable for our actions. The laws are to be respected by all, the high and low alike. Any cop doing his duty faithfully with best of his wisdom and intelligence must be respected. But what is the ground reality? Are we all law abiders? What has changed since India became independent. Law in India is for the lesser mortals. Anyone who is in power, who is a celebrity or who can damage others, seems to be above the law. 

The probationary KPS officer seems to be in high vigor and zeal. This is good and we must appreciate him for this act. But it is to be seen whether he will he be able to continue to discharge his duties in the same tempo or not. Looking at the past record we have seen thousands of such IPS/KPS officers. I doubt if these officers have the courage to take action against politicians, bureaucrats etc for their wrong acts. Can they ever dare to stop tinted Glass cabs of police department or any paramilitary force vehicle and peel off its film, like in VCs case? Can they ever muster courage to behave in same manner with an MLA/MLC or a Minister where these officers frequently visit for prized postings? Probably not. It seems they are in search of soft targets to create media hype and make the news that traffic deptt is doing well. Our academicians are indeed a soft target for everybody here. The vIdeo shoot, the argument, VC on the roadside waiting unnecessarily, other vehicles going without checking, all this is disgusting. The matter could have been closed by filing a challan and handed over to the VCs Driver.

Our Kashmir is a trouble-torn region and during the recent hartals everybody has seen how difficult it was to attend ones duties. Most employs would travel inconspicuously without creating any suspicion even in the neighbor. The people holding high offices had PSOs but they were more vulnerable in presence of them because of stone pelting. Yes, Supreme Court has banned the use of tinted glasses on vehicles and they have expressed the norms of transparency of vehicle glasses and exemption rules for VIPs etc. We all must know it. Even when the VC of a university, probably doesn't fall in this category to have tinted film on his vehicle glasses, all people including the VC have the right to protect themselves in any manner. Applying directly the Supreme Court ruling is not fair under the circumstances. It is the responsibility of the Deptt to train their officers thoroughly on the theme of the laws, the ground realities and how to negotiate the issues. The services of these officers should be utilized on bigger front to find innovative solutions of controlling traffic James and removing encroachments on footpaths. Creating a scene and humiliating an academician on the road for a small issue doesn't look nice.

The traffic congestion in Kashmir has made our life hell. The traffic in the Srinagar city is the worst we may have in India. Haphazard and leisure movement of vehicles all finding their way to dodge each other, stopping anywhere even in the middle of the road to drop or pick or wait for passengers, blocks the traffic flow. Haphazardly parking of vehicles on roadsides and encroachment of footpaths is shrinking the available road space for smooth traffic flow. Vendors have left no space on footpaths and pedestrians including schoolchildren and women are forced to use the main road which makes them vulnerable to accidents. Look at the Batamallo area more than 50% road has been covered by Vendors. it takes ½ hour to cross ½ km distance. Adding to the chaos are the auto rickshaws and load carriers that zoom in and out of the traffic, scaring pedestrians and other motorists, sends shivers down the spine when head on collision is narrowly averted at the last second. The traffic jams poses a great threat to the lives of patients being referred to hospitals. The office goers and businessmen don't reach their destinations in time. They are the pressing problems for the general public. Surely we need such officers to control traffic and free the footpath encroachment in the Batamallo area. The public will heave a sigh of relief.

Police is an important organization in the administration of justice, law and order, prevention and detection of crime, corruption and maintenance of security among population. Policing is a passion not a job. It is a calling for those who wish to help society function better, protect their rights and work with community members to resolve social problems. Policing is not a digital technology to apply 0's and 1′ on the situations as the rule demands. They are to provide real succor to the needy, negotiate the issues and not aggravate the situation. Our policing is highly politicized. The common man does not feel secure or protected and may be harassed if he dares to take a stand against injustice. This is the reason why most people are disconnected or least interested in any kind of policing. The police should be conscious of these facts. In the countries where policing is pro-people, the people remain always in a constructive mode. They think better, remain positive and peaceful and trust the administrative system. In the past, many initiatives at the State and Central level made recommendations for reformations in policing to make it apolitical but they have not been implemented. 

Scientists and scholars are not common people. They are known to have a peculiar temperament and society has to accept and honor them. Using indecent words for them on the social network is not good. In America only Scientists and Teachers are considered VIPs. In the Honable court of France only Teacher is allowed to sit on the chair. In Japan police has to take special permission from the arrest the teacher. In Korea any teacher can enjoy all those facilities which a minister in India can enjoy by showing his I card. But in India when teachers raise their voice for salary he is beaten by police. A society where intellectuals do not get proper respect can never prosper and in such a society only robbers, hooligans and thieves are produced. This will have far-reaching repercussions to destroy a society further. 

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