Unsettling instances

The recent instances of suicide put a question mark on us as a society
Unsettling instances
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Difficult situations, like the one faced by us ever since this pandemic hit, present themselves in different behavioural trends in a society. It is an imperative to follow the trends in a society so as to chalk out a policy to counter adverse impacts of a situation like pandemic. It is a common knowledge that this pandemic, and the consequent lockdowns, devastated global economies. With this millions of families have come under severe stress. This stress is presenting itself in abnormal behaviours, and illnesses. In Kashmir we have been witnessing for past some weeks that the instances of suicide, or attempts to commit suicide, have increased. This is a very disturbing trend. Those who follow societal attitudes consider it as an outcome of a serious disturbance in a society. The immediate cause that can be underlined is the financial devastation of families brought about by this pandemic. While this alone may not explain all the cases of suicide that have been reported in past some weeks, this also cannot be denied that pandemic has contributed to such instance significantly. The matter at hand is not only to understand reasons for such events, but to find out ways to stop such trends. We must get seriously thinking about why we, as a society, cannot come to the rescue of those who are faced with such grave situations that they opt to terminate their lives. At an individual level, or at the level of families, our financial conditions may have worsened, but at the collectively level we can still manage to feed ourselves, and take care of the needs of life. That is one part of our responsibility. Then there are other ways of coming to the rescue of those who are in deep distress. If we can only save such people from the deadly feeling of loneliness, and isolation, it can save many lives. If a person in distress has someone to share his problems with, it can unburden him, and chase away any thoughts of suicide from his mind. We as relatives, friends, neighbours must be mindful of our responsibilities towards the people around us, so that timely interventions can be made; and lives saved.

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