Valley on a ventilator

Life comes in small measures – breath by breath
Valley on a ventilator
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As if we are on a ventilator and there is someone to switchit off just now. This Article 35-A sword is hanging on us so dangerously closethat every day we wake up with the final call. This month, next month, thisweek, next week, this day, next day – we never know when and how? Our breath isblown with every announcement they make, every date they fix. A small petitionmay snowball into a massive survival threat we never knew. For jurists sittingon the judgement it may be a yet another file among a chain of files to betaken up, discussed, deferred, sustained or dismissed, but for us life stops at35-A. `What if' pops a question which echoes `what then' as an answer. Amid allspeculations, analysis and comments, Kashmir stands on an edge from where justa nudge can push it into an abyss of no return.

What's happening. Why is everything going wrong? TakeKashmir as a human body plagued by all fatal infections. To pull it back tolife they need to treat the ailments one by one. But instead they heap pain onpain. Is everything a fodder for politics? Is power the be-all-end-all of thepoliticians desperate to do each other down. When a place (along-with itspeople) is already neck-deep in trouble, instead of pulling it out a notch ortwo, they are pushing it more and more. Is human life so cheap as to be wastedfor political gains. Power through democracy has a human face, but an inhumandesire to seek it through bloodshed is – to say the least – beastly.

Gagging all voices, banning all banners, not letting even abreath of fresh air come in will make the situation darker and darker.Democracies don't work that way. The irony we face is typical. If civilitymatters (which we still hope it does), how is media allowed to set a match toan already ignited land. War, for the moment – has been averted, but war is notfar away. The giant has slept only, it's not dead. Given the explosive madnessdisplayed in the news studios, it can wake up anytime. The priorities of thesebugle blowers have reversed. Orwell's war is peace comes alive when even theostensibly moderate faces of media are not ready to reconcile with the notionof peace. They want to finish it right here, right now. No matter it finishesthe human race to give dinosaurs a second chance to announce their arrival.

Where do we go from here? If the special status story istaken up as a legal case, we need not worry. But will it be? Where the argumentstarts with might, ends with might – legalities hold no weight. That has beenthe unacceptable truth of history. The golden rule of might is right does notrecognise justice as principle. In a roar of power, the mumbles and whispers ofjustice drown like a bare scrap against a mighty wave of storm. We the hapless,hopeless people have nothing but our fingers to keep crossed, but finger is toofrail a thing to be held against a hurricane.

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