‘Vicious campaign shows anti-Muslim mindset’

The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday strongly condemned the “unwanted and ugly campaign of Indian ruling regime and biased media” against Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik.
‘Vicious campaign shows anti-Muslim mindset’
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The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday strongly condemned the "unwanted and ugly campaign of Indian ruling regime and biased media" against Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik. He termed it as "witch-hunt to suppress Muslims and Islamic institutions in India."

Malik said making Naik's decades-long peaceful sermons and teachings appear as doubtful on the pretext that someone liked him or his speeches is "ridiculous and the biased anti-Muslim media of India and its rulers have actually crossed all limits of decency and humanity by starting this witch-hunt."

"Before any investigations were carried out, India's Home Ministry and its Information Minister termed Dr Naik's speeches as controversial which is a clear sign of the anti-Muslim mindset of the Indian ruling regime," said Malik.

He said the "vicious campaign" against the peaceful Muslim scholar is "actually vindicating our point that Muslims in India are no longer safe and secure."

"Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir stand with Zakir Naik and Indian Muslims in this hour of need and we strongly condemn Indian rulers and media campaign against the Islamic scholar," the JKLF chief said. He also condemned the onslaught on people of Kashmir on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr, saying "the way CRPF hooligans, police personnel and other forces attacked people in Srinagar, Sopore, Kulgam, Islamabad  (Anantnag) and damaged property and vehicles has once again proved that these forces are actually the forces of darkness and violence and their main job is to inflict more and more harm on Kashmiri Muslims."

The senior pro-freedom leader said before and after Eid, hundreds of youth have been arrested from Sopore, Kulgam, Islamabad (Anantnag), Srinagar, Baramulla while hunt to arrest many more is on.

"Even Indian Army has started arresting common people and youth at Sopore and Kulgam. The series of nocturnal raids and arrests by Indian army are a clear sign of frustration of the so-called rulers," he said, adding: "The violent approach of so-called rulers and their authorities amounts to suppressing people's voices with military might which is highly condemnable."

Malik said on the day of Eid, not only people, both young and old, were beaten ruthlessly by the "sadist Indian forces", they broke anything that came their way and the photographs of this oppression have also come out in the media. He asked: "Why state rulers are mum on this terrorist-like behavior of their forces; why have fountains of their Fatwa factories dried up on these shameful anti-people acts?"

While strongly condemning the grenade attack on residence of veteran scholar and religious leader, late Moulana Abdul Rashid Tahiri at Batamaloo on Eid day, Malik said this is the second time when this house has been attacked by goons this year. "Last time after the attack, police and authorities showed reluctance even in registering a case which was their direct support to the attackers and this time too same is being done and hence the safety of Tahiri family especially his son Zubair Tahiri is being jeopardized ," Malik said.

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